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Burn2: The Great Unknown

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It is our tradition in Burn2 to "echo" Black Rock City every year. We follow Burning Man's announced art theme as well. With the theme "The Great Unknown" we are invited to come out from isolation and assess the changes that have taken place - within ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities.

Where are we today? Since more than a year ago, Burners across the world have faced something that hasn't been seen in a century. We are still navigating our way, with no clear vision of what the future will look like.

"Here Be Dragons"

The Unknown always lies before us, but probably never more truly than in this day and age. In Burn2, while our physical selves have sheltered in place, our virtual selves have been actively mingling and sharing creativity through a number of events in Deep Hole. We like to think that we've played a part in helping everyone continue to feel connected despite the strangeness of the past year. We are still here, to connect, support, and even comfort each other.

Now let us look to what lies ahead, into The Great Unknown.

Burn2: The Great Unknown Plot Sale is now open! Placements will be sent out in early September.

“How can you know what you're capable of if you don't embrace the unkown?”

― Esmeralda Santiago, Conquistadora

After you've read everything that was included in your Ticket to the Great Unknown, you can safely keep it in your inventory for future reference. And on you go, for more you must read - let the Dragon take you to the Guidelines!

Warning: Ignorance is not an excuse...

Touch the Dragon to the right
You may awaken him, but take no fright -
a mere snort and back to slumber.
Make your touch one not to remember!

512 sqm
156 li

1024 sqm
312 li

2048 sqm
625 li

4096 sqm
1250 li