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When:  April 29th, 2010 at 2pm SLT (Pacific)

Where: Burniversity

Tom Hale, Linden Lab Chief Product Officer (aka T Linden) appeared to be quite surprised to learn a lot of content creators were avoiding using the 2.0 viewer and felt that the new viewer wasn’t particularly useful for building and making art.

T linden, the man behind the new viewer, wanted to know what specifically we didn’t like and why.  T Linden has bravely agreed to come to the Burniversity to talk with artists who are not happy about the Viewer 2.0!

If you are making art or building art installations, if you plan to participate in Burning Life festival as an artist, if you create content in SL, this discussion should be important for you.

Unlike other Burninversity events, this session will be held in a seminar format, not a lecture. If you, as an artist, have specific concerns, questions, suggestions related the Viewer 2.0, please, join us!

If you can’t come, but want to have a comment or a question included in the discussion, you can White Lebed send a short email to

As usual the chat log of this session will be placed on the transcription board.