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Poster Submission: Communal Earth 2019

Communal Earth is the theme the community selected for Conception 2019.

What is this theme about? Let these words guide you in creating your poster designs for the event.
It’s a concept around the communal effort needed to remember the origin of Earth and for everyone on the planet to preserve and heal it. We remember our roots, the first stirrings of life, and how we got to here from there, and recognise the impact our existence has had on our mother Earth. There is no magic bullet, no single solution to solve all the Earth’s problems. Therefore, it is on all of us, each in our different ways that we can do, to find and apply healing. In the process, we will find that we are all in this together.

Poster Guidelines

  1. Design should be related to the theme
  2. Texture dimensions can be 512 x 512, 512 x 1024, or 1024 x 512
  3. The Burn2 logo and date (including the year) should be on the texture*
  4. Filename should start with “CE2019” followed by whatever you name it.
  5. Graphics should be original work, or using creative commons non-commercial or public domain images
  6. Due Date to Submit Posters: TUESDAY 28 MAY 2019 Midnight SLT/US Pacific Time (23:59 + 1 minute)
  7. By submitting, if your poster is selected, you grant us permission to use the image in world and on our website, and we will acknowledge you as the creator of the artwork when we display it.

Submit Your Poster Below!

    Click the ADD POSTER button to add up to 3 posters. Max total file size 10MB.