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Octoburn 2022 Dates are Set!

A Bit of News Amid the Pause

Keeping this short and sweet. As you know, the Deep Hole playa is planned to reopen at the end of July. Everyone has been very patient, which is much appreciated, and we have a bit of news to share with you today.

A survey went out to the Burn2 Access group - big thank you to those who voted - and the results with a total of 49 submissions were Option 1, 27 votes; Option 2, 22 votes. Therefore the dates for Octoburn 2022 are October 7-16, 2022, with Skin Burn on October 29, 2022. In accordance with Burn2's tradition, we will echo Burning Man's art theme, Waking Dreams. You can find a description of that theme on Burning Man's website.

Timeline for Waking Dreams

Build Period Opens: Approximately September 4th
Event Dates: October 7th-16th
Leave No Trace Deadline: October 23rd
Skin Burn: October 29th

The opening of this year's Octoburn plot sale and plot details will be announced soon. Meanwhile, you can start thinking about your plot builds.