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Notes for Performers at Burnal Equinox 2018

Generally, time slots are 1 hour for live performers, 2 hours for DJs. You may perform more than once at the event, if time allows while giving as many performers the chance to play at BURN2.

Be mindful of the Ten Principles of Burning Man, especially the Decommodification principle. No tip jars, no group joiners, no self-promotion – but by all means, use your profile for more information about you, your music and your performances!

A member of the BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2018 Performance team will contact you to get your tag, show you the stage location, and give info about the stream to put your URL into, if applicable.

You will be able to rez props for your performance – we ask that at the end of your performance you Leave No Trace and clean up after yourself immediately, so others may be able to use the venue (and we don’t have to clutter up your Lost and Found inventory folder with returned items!).

We are all volunteers at BURN2; we gift our talents and time to have great, fun events together with the community. We encourage you to consider gifting your own talents to share with the community!

As always, if you have questions, contact the performance lead, LaurieC, or the event leads, Vian Magic and SavannahSuzie, for clarification or answers.