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Some Important Info: How and Why Things are Done the Way They Are

This form is REQUIRED of all those who purchase plots for Burn2's Metamorphoses event this year. We use your responses to help us determine the best possible placement for your plot. We are an "echo" of Burning Man, so there are parallels between us in the things we do.

The Similarities of Burn2 and Burning Man
Hopefully this will help you to understand the importance of the various rules and guidelines that are in place as part of our efforts to echo Burning Man. Included in this document are quotes from the Burning Man website as of the time this was written. They are used here purely for examples and information. Please go to if you would like to learn more.

At Burn2

Only one person can purchase a plot - but up to 3 co-campers are accepted. Since we don't have "village" structures with "mayors" at Burn2's event, the plot purchaser is the point of contact and is asked to fill out questionnaires like this one to provide additional information that will be useful for the placement staff.

The plot owner is responsible for anything they or their helpers do on their plot, and are expected to follow the rules as set out in the guidelines, Ten Principles and SL's Terms of Service (including the Maturity rating for the sims). All are expected to be familiar with these.

If you tell us you want to have events on your camp, we will be strive to place you well on the sims for lowest possible visual lag. If you provide us with a schedule we can try to place camps in such a way that they do not interfere with each other's activities too much. (This does not mean camps cannot have events going on at the same time - it means if we see there are overlapping schedules we may try to place you in such a way that there is as little interference between the camps.) Sims have limits to how many avatars can be on a sim at the same time - this is another reason we ask this question, so we can try to avoid "full sim" situations.

If you do not answer this question accurately and we find that you have an active camp that will adversely affect others, we may move you to a more appropriate spot. While sound volume is not an issue at Burn2, lag levels are a concern. Avatars bring lag, and so when a sim gets too crowded, things can stop working and people can't have fun.

"Active events" are: music, parties, performances, meditation sessions, readings, etc. Anything that brings many people to your camp at the same time.

We have the Builder's Guildelines. The Ten Principles are the same at Burn2 as at Burning Man. We also must follow the rules as set out by the Lindens in the Terms of Service. Not having read these things is not a defense for breaking them. Knowing these rules is YOUR responsibility.

Get familiar with these:
Linden Lab Terms of Service
Maturity Ratings
Ten Principles of Burning Man
Builder Guidelines

We do have a second set of rules governing the "low rules" sim, named Anarchy. This may sound fabulous on the face of things, but it does come with responsibility. If you have a problem with another plot owner, you must sort it out with them. We are all adults, and it is not the job of Burn2 staff or Burn2 Rangers to be your parents. How people use the "low rules" sim this year, will determine if we have it again next year.

At Burning Man

When there is a "village" - a group of cooperating camps - a "Mayor" is selected for the village and is the point of contact between the village and the placement team. Individual Camps located in Villages are told to file a separate Placement Questionnaire to highlight mutant vehicle information and fire usage, and to request listings on the Black Rock City Printed Map, Burning Man Website, Playa Info Directory at Playa Info in Center Camp, iPhone applications and the Burning Man API.

Black Rock City is patrolled by the following agencies:

Federal Bureau of Land Management Rangers
Pershing County Sheriff’s Office
Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
Nevada State Department of Investigations (NDI)
Nevada State Health Division
Nevada Highway Patrol

It is not their job to police your lifestyle or inhibit self-expression. They serve as police like in any other city, which means they can also assist in search-and-rescue missions and in evictions where necessary. They also must address any infractions of the law that they found or that is brought to their attention.

At Burning Man, there is a basic sound policy, with "loud" and "quiet" sides of the city, and there are rules for sound camps that must be followed. Louder camps are placed along the ends of the city and can play until/unless community complaints persist. Maximum power level is 300 watts.

In the event of noise level complaints, the Black Rock Rangers assist and they are empowered to do these things:
a) volume check and mediation between camps;
b) volume check and a final warning on complaints;
c) disable the equipment.

Burning Man has many rules that must be followed - some are very similar to those at Burn2, especially those relating to the Ten Principles.
- Anything outside a camp is MOOP (Matter Out Of Place).
- Structures must be anchored to the ground.
- No commodification (any kind of changing of money).
- No lasers.
- If you try to smuggle something past the Gate, you may be refused entry, get no refund on your ticket, and can even be banned from future events.

Now you've read the rules!
If you have other questions, we have a handy Octoburn FAQ page.

Finally...Things We Need to Know From You

Every plot owner is required to fill out this form in order to be placed on the playa for Metamorphoses 2019. Please answer each question as accurately as you can. We'll do our best to meet your requests!

Burn2 Metamorphoses 2019 Plot Owner Questionnaire