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Help us choose a poster to promote Winter Burn 2020: Magic! This event that will take place 31 January through 2 February. This event's theme is about bringing together the magical people from throughout SL, and also sharing the magic of our playa Home.

When we promote an upcoming Burn2 event, we like to use a graphic in the form of a poster, to get folks started thinking about how they will participate and looking forward to it.

We normally like to invite input from the community. We invite you to review the 16 poster submissions below. Click on the center of a poster image to see a larger view. To navigate through the images, you can click on the first poster, then click arrows at the sides of any poster image to navigate forward and backward. Hold your mouse over the center of a poster you like to get its name, then scroll down to the form in the next section and vote!

Important Notes:
1. The deadline to submit your vote is Thursday the 12th of December, 8:00 PM (20:00) SLT.
2. You can only vote ONCE, so vote carefully.

Voting is now CLOSED for the Winter Burn 2020: Magic! Poster. Thanks for participating!