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Spotlight: Burners Without Borders in Second Life

This post explains how this particular group of civic-minded avatars strives to make the difference toward a better world for others in the community. Because the people behind the avatars are from all over the world, "community" encompasses much more than a typical one, because it is global. Read on to learn a little bit more.

Burners Without Borders in Second Life ( BWBSL): What is It?

Before we learn about BWBSL, let's talk about BWB, Burners Without Borders, the mission statement of which is as follows:

"BWB is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, community leadership program whose goal is to unlock the creativity of local communities to solve problems that bring about meaningful change. Supporting volunteers from around the world in innovative relief solutions & community resiliency projects, BWB is known for the unbridled creativity they bring to every project they do."

BWB is an official program of the Burning Man Project and serves as a cornerstone for civic engagement in the Burner community. It helps community leaders who want to take the Ten Principles of Burning Man from the playa out into their communities to make a positive difference through collaborating with others.

Burners Without Borders in Second Life (BWBSL) is one of many chapters of BWB. It is unique in that it exists in the virtual realm of Second Life® (SL). Members of this chapter hail from all across the world. Since 2017, they have striven to support social justice causes by inspiring and mobilising a committed virtual community to make a real, positive impact in the world. Many are Burn2 Burners - but being a Burner, virtual or otherwise, is not a requirement for joining this chapter.

What can a virtual chapter do? While BWBSL does not rebuild homes, feed the hungry or provide disaster response, what they do is amplify important causes by participating with their initiatives. The Second Life counterparts of Relay for Life and One Billion Rising are only two examples of several. Just about every person’s life has been touched in some way by cancer or by domestic violence in their physical lives.

Now, How About You?

Members of BWBSL act virtually to create real, lasting change in the world. You can join this virtual chapter and make a real difference.

Got Questions, Want More Information?

Learn more BWB history:
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Want to get involved? Reach out to a BWBSL contact in SL:
Mrs. Mia Wallace (mia.quinote)
Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (SuperSuz)

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