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Burn2 Virtual Regional

The role of a Burn2 Administrative Support person is to assist the Regional Contact (RC) in building and supporting a Burning Man community in a local area, specifically Burn2, a virtual Regional. This person must be an active member in good standing in the Burn2 community.

Attending the Burning Man event in Black Rock City is not a requirement for this role.

Much of the Burn2 Administrative Support’s role is defined by the RC and will include such duties as these:

  • Communicate with the Regional Contact
  • Gather data for reporting on the regional’s official events
  • Interact with the Burn2 community
  • Maintain your Burning Man Burner Profile

This role is an introductory role that will be potentially on a track to become a co-Regional Contact. This means that the candidate who is approved for this role may have the opportunity to apply to become a Regional Contact in the future:

Note: If selected for the Burn2 Administrative Support role, you will be required to provide your real life identity when signing a Memorandum of Understanding, in order to carry out certain duties.
If there are any questions, contact 3V at

To apply for this job please visit