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After The Man Burns for the Last Time

The final virtual Man Burn of 2019 ends tonight. Is that all? Nope - we have an extra treat for you, gifted to our community by the Hawks!

The Hawks Bring their Afterburner Airshow

On Sunday the 27th of October at 2:00PM SLT, they will will kick up some dust on the playa, We invite you to join us to once again be thrilled and entertained with our death defying maneuvers.

After the show there will be "neked" skydiving, dancing, and general merry making!


Suggestions for Optimal Viewing

  • Max out Maximum Particles
  • Draw distance 512+
  • Phototools- Never Night Light OR your favorite night setting (our air shows are meant for night viewing)
  • Also make sure that Disable Camera Costraints is checked in the advanced menu or preferences so you can zoom in for better viewing