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The Sims are Here!
Lots to share with you today! The additional sims have arrived and Burn2 staff are working to get them ready for builders and campers.

There are many ways you can participate at Burn2’s I, Robot event. You don’t have to be an artist, creator or even a builder. You don’t have to create a grand art installation to be a part of the festival. There are so many ways to contribute.

You can apply to the Burn2 Plot Lottery.
For those who cannot afford the cost of a plot, the “Plottery” is your opportunity to get a free 512 square meter plot with a 156LI allotment on the virtual playa. You can do a lot with that! Dig in your inventory and find a set of chairs, cosy campfire, picnic blanket or even a table! Put up a shade fly to shelter from the often brutal desert sun. Set down a cooler that gives out refreshing cold beverages to those who happen by. And all these things in your inventory that you could put on your camp do NOT have to be made by YOU. There’s your opportunity for a little creativity, arranging your camp with things in a way that is uniquely YOU.

Ready to show off your artistic build? Apply to the Juried Artist exhibition!
We like to give opportunity for up and coming or newer artists to be featured at Burn2’s I, Robot. A panel of judges will review the artworks on display and give awards to the camps with the best designs in theme or in creativity.

Juried theme camps are scattered throughout the sims, in different places on different parcel sizes. This is an invitation to you to apply to fill one of those spots in your own unique way!

Juried art camps are not required to comply to the I, Robot theme (though we encourage it!). Builders who apply understand the following:


Contribute a small art creation to be put on display on the sims.
These pieces are small surprises from Burners in the community who would like to simply gift their creativity to add to the festival. These pieces can be up to 5 cubic meters and up to 50LI.

“I have a plot, but I can’t build…but, I want to learn.” You can! Check out the Burn2 workshops available, listed in the sidebar to the right on this page.

But…what if I don’t make anything?

Even non-builders are creative! Show up in your wildest Burner outfits! Put together clothes to fit the theme. SHOW OFF! You could even be a ..

Join a fun-loving intrepid bunch of Burners who love to just show off their best and craziest fashions for the virtual playa! There will be a fashion show during the event – it’s rumoured there might even be two of those.

Interested? Join the Fashionistas!

VOLUNTEER! Be a Greeter!

You can also become a volunteer and contribute to the event in your own special way. One great way to start is to become a Burn2 Greeter.


We are always delighted with the variety and talent gifted to the community from DJs and live performers at Burn2! If you would like to play at I, Robot, SIGN UP and follow up by contacting inworld either LaurieC or Taj Nishi to schedule your slot on one of our three stages at Burn2’s I, Robot weeklong festival!


Bloggers are always welcome to visit and write about the event- sign up to become a Burn2 blogger.


Now, don’t think that we’ve forgotten about the people who just like to come to our events! No one is a mere bystander at Burn2. From the moment you step onto the virtual playa, you become a part of the festival. Greeters will welcome you, Lamplighters will invite you to drum and dance, Burners will radically include you into whatever spontaneously fun activities may be going on. Watch for some surprises trundling around on the roads.

Starting now until the event arrives there will be limited access to the sims while Burn2 staff and builders get to work on the sims. Build period opens in the next few days!

Mark your calendars and plan to come to Burn2’s I, Robot event when it opens the 19th of October!