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The Burn 2 DPW HQ and Zeeplin for arial MOOP location


Hello Burners,

Greeting from Deep Hole, it’s rather hot here and the dust is blowing about the virtual playa since we last spoke. And we wouldn’t have it any other way out here. I would like to take a moment to thank a few members of the DPW, and we’ll get too why it’s a few because we only really have a few right now.

Zinna Karu – Media Mecca what can I say about the new Media Mecca Zinna created for all of us. Well I’ll say this it is inspiring to see where we are headed with this newest member of the DPW. Her usage of shape and color makes your mind open and ready to experience the greatness of the burn. I look forward to seeing what happens next with your great gifts and art.


Pixelprophet Lane & Gypsy Paz – Two of the best scripter in Second Life and two people I am proud to call a friend every day. They helped keep the script loads down and the fun levels up. The sim ran like a champ thank you both for all you do for all of us.

Diana Renoir – DPW Operations Lead, what more can be said about such a dedicated and driven member of the team. Efficient, practical and willing to listen and always putting the event, the DPW and the community before her self. We couldn’t do it without you. On behalf of the entire DPW we thank you, and we will never forget.

If for some reason I have forgotten you from this short list above my deepest apologies.

So now we come to the point in my posting here to make a request. But it’s not any normal could you can you will you kind of request. It’s one that is made in a way that is ment to fill your soul and make your heart skip a beat and your mind go spinning. It’s one of commitment. We need new blood in the DPW for the Burn, we need people who will be here on the playa every day with us. We need maybe you?

I don’t say this lightly, we need highly committed people to fill roles on the playa. Those roles include people to assist builders with parcel problems, MOOP collection and removal, estate management, script management, building, creating art, creating textures, custom sculpties for the burn.

These roles are not just words they are roles that help us create and build Black Rock City in Second Life. The people who take on these tasks must be committed to success. Because a failure in the DPW means a failure for Black Rock City’s re-birth again this year.

And like many years ago when Danger Ranger took a stick, drew a line across the earth, and said ‘On the other side of this line, there exists a world where everything is different.’

Then everybody held hands and stepped across that line. The first settlers of Black Rock City had come to burn a wooden man. In doing so, they created a community.”