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What is Skin Burn?

The BURN2 Skin Burn is a decompression event that features an “encore” Man Burn, usually 1-2 weeks after the closing of the annual BURN2 event held in late October. We Burn the Man again, with everyone in their best low-lag form. We are challenged to get wildly creative with it, too!

We will do the Skin Burn twice on Saturday the 7th of November, at 10:00am SLT and at 6:00pm SLT. Check-in will open at 8:30am SLT for the 10am Burn, and again at 4:30pm SLT for the 6pm Burn. The location will be given in notices on the day, so watch the Burningman 2.0 group notices.

We have prepared a detailed guide to making your Skin Burn the best low-lag experience possible. Read on here for more information:

The Skin Burn event has ended. Thank you for coming – watch for our next event, soon!

Also, view these pictures from last year’s Skin Burn, graciously shared by Radioactive Rosca.