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Burn2 Conception: WHIMSY

July 26-28, 2024

(wɪmzi ) also whimsey. uncountable noun. Whimsy is behavior that is unusual, playful, and unpredictable, rather than having any serious reason or purpose behind it.

Tap into the absolutely wonderful chaos that is WHIMSY...

LNT Build Burn!

Burners love a good burn. They love dancing in a great smoldering mess - and it all POOFS in minutes! We've got a little tradition, LNT (Leave No Trace), on the last day of Afterglow Week which is Sunday the 4th of August, when all builds must be cleared off the playa by 11pm SLT that night.

Burning down your build is just a natural way to clear it all off!

There are plenty of fellow Burners who have experience in burning builds - and effigies - so you'll get plenty of help! If you're new, you can even tell us in the form if you'd like a burn workshop to get you started!

You can schedule any time during LNT weekend - the 2nd through 4th of August - and we'll put it up on our calendar so burners can plan to come watch! Just fill out the form here.