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Burn2 Events in 2024

Conception 2024 Tie Breaker

Burn2 2024 Conception

We had 64 total votes for each of the 3 events in 2024 that we need themes. There were clear winners for Winter Burn and Burnal Equinox. Alas for Conception, we need to break a tie!

So today, Sunday, and again Thursday, we will conduct tie breaking votes.

Please vote only ONCE - choose ONE theme.
NOTE: If you voted on Sunday, you cannot vote on Thursday.

For your reference, the descriptions of the themes can be found in the column to the right of the form.


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(wɪmzi ) also whimsey. uncountable noun. Whimsy is behavior that is unusual, playful, and unpredictable, rather than having any serious reason or purpose behind it.

Tap into the absolutely wonderful chaos that is Whimsy...

Burn2 Elemental
Between the moon and the sun, the earth and the sky. Fire, water, air, and Earth. These elements have created the world we live in. Themes can include elements of nature.