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Conception 2021: Emergence

With Burn2's Conception coming up, we celebrate the start of Burning Man's presence in Second Life. We like to theme our events just to add a touch of orginality, because we're a Regional. We get to take advantage of some of SL's unique virtual features on Deep Hole.

The planning committee selected the theme, "Emergence" and the event lead, Holocluck Henly, wrote up a great, clear description to help get us thinking. Performers - how they will plan their tuneage, artists and their prim and mesh slinging, and then all of us who contribute in various other creative ways! Calls for performers and plot signups will be coming up soon.

What does Emergence REALLY mean as a theme?

You might think EMERGENCE directly refers to coming out of a cocoon or chamber.

It CAN be, but not necessarily!!!

You may think that EMERGENCE embraces many past themes including Transformation & Metamorphosis.

It could be LIKE them, but not necessarily!



It's Not THIS...

Before everyone thinks about America's 17th year locust (aka the cicada [sih-KAY-dah] aka Brood-X]) event anticipated this summer & plans to show insects exiting the ground, let's look at what EMERGENCE truly means...

It Is THIS...

** "Emerge" is in the word EMERGENCE but that does not mean that the word "EMERGENCE" is about emerging from a place or object. ** This is because at its very heart, EMERGENCE IS ABOUT THE CHANGE ITSELF...

EMERGENCE is a change to become more or greater than what once was...

Yes, it may be a caterpillar becoming a marvelous moth or a larva becoming a locust.

But is that all? No! Set that idea aside and please read on.

  • - What about an Asian Wrasse fish, which at 10 years changes from female to male? That's a change but is this of greater significance? YES! Because in the life cycle of these fish there is no procreation if they do not age into another gender.
  • - Consider the Clown Fish, where a male becomes female when it is time for them to take over as the head of their heirarchy.

Someone receives enlightenment and becomes greater than they were in how they see the world and their place in it. This EMERGENCE can be a Spiritual or Educational occurrence. Or a change in rank in the military.

For those humans undergoing a gender transition the process is as radical as it is challenging. The journey they have committed to is not instantaneous; it could take years for changes to take place.

A traditional Coming Out Party was where a young lady eligible for marriage makes her debut into society.

Therefore EMERGENCE does not need to involve containment; sometimes the journey itself brings an EMERGENCE.

Reviewing EMERGENCE:
  • - THE THEME EMERGENCE expresses a special change.
  • - It can be maturity, a goal, or new social status. It is not always a biological change.
  • - Sometimes the period of change is not hidden but a gradual or sequential process: a journey.
  • - Fiction & Fantasy can certainly play into the concept of EMERGENCE, with a contrived or assumed change to prominence and a creative containment or Capsule. It doesn't have to be all about ALIENS bursting out of the chest! What if it is the next form of humanity?

So think about the theme, about becoming greater, becoming awesome, colorful, unique. How can you interpret the physical or conceptual on or above the Playa?

Creativity, Come Hither!