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Your Input Please

Seeking Theme Ideas

Can You Conceive a Theme?

Burn2 Conception
July 9-11, 2021

We love having the community participate in creating the events that we host on the virtually dusty playa of Deep Hole. We've started planning for our annual Conception event. This celebrates the Conception of Burn2, in the dust of Black Rock City.

And so we ask YOU, Burn2 community, to contribute ideas for the theme. We've had various ones before:
Communal Earth,
Prometheus' Gift,
Take a Look Inside
Following the Footsteps of the Past...

A few ideas were bounced around at the last planning meeting. You'll see them below. For now, we are asking for suggestions and there are just a few guidelines. Please consider them - any submissions that do not meet these guidelines will be discarded.

  1. Theme should fit within the Ten Principles framework of Burning Man.
  2. Keep in mine the maturity rating of the region: "M" for Moderate.
  3. Make sure it is something related to Conception - beginnings.
  4. Themes containing "Bob" or anything related, will be promptly discarded.
  5. Last but not least - be creative!

You can submit more than once, but do not submit the same theme repeatedly. This is not a vote.

Submissions will close after 11:00 pm SLT on Wednesday, the 28th of April.