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Even During a Pause, We Need to Make Some Decisions

Dates for Octoburn 2022

While many Burners in the Default World are preparing to return to Black Rock City for the first time in a couple of years - Burn2 Burners are also looking ahead toward our own event in October.

As Burn2 echoes Burning Man in October, the art theme this year will also be the same: "Waking Dreams" - read a description of the theme on Burning Man's website.

Now that you're thinking ahead toward that great event, we need your input on deciding dates. These are similar to last year's dates. The main decision is when to have the event itself. We get the additional regions for 2 months.

If we have the event starting 7th of October, we have one week less build time, but an extra week in between to allow for after-event parties and/or special shows before LNT and Skin Burn.

If the event start date is the 14th of October, it allows more time for building, but only a few days for post-event stuff.

Review the two sets of dates to choose from, below, and let us know what you prefer. As always, thank you for your participation!


4.5 weeks build time, 1 week til LNT

BUILD OPEN: ~September 4

EVENT DATES: October 7-16

LNT: October 23 (Sunday - 1 week)

SKIN BURN: October 29 (Saturday)

Octoburn 2022: Waking Dreams
Dates Survey Results

Survey Results: Option 1


5.5 weeks build time, 4 days til LNT

BUILD OPEN: ~September 4

EVENT DATES: October 14-23

LNT: October 27 (Thursday - 4 days)

SKIN BURN: October 29 (Saturday)