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Burn2 Events in 2024


Burn2 2024 Event Theme Selections

Thanks to YOU, the Burn2 Burner community, we have some fantastic theme ideas for next year! Now comes the fun part.

Please vote only ONCE - choose ONE theme for each of the 3 events. Yes, we know, such GOOD themes, how to choose, hmm... Good luck!

For your reference, the descriptions of the themes can be found in the column to the right of the form.


Burn2 2024 Event Themes


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What will be revealed from under the snow when everything melts away?
Fungus Follies
A diverse phylum of fungi (kingdom Fungi) that includes jelly and shelf fungi; mushrooms, puffballs, and stinkhorns; certain yeasts; and the rusts and smuts and of course psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms inspire this event that is part mushroom and part foolhardy, silly, surreal, absurd fun.
The Imaginarium
Welcome to the Imaginarium!

Imagine a special place where tiny worlds of the Imagination exist...
-just a glimpse- a taste of the innerworkings and inner landscapes of the wild frontiers that live in the Imagination.

What unique things to see and experience...
some dark, some filled with light, and some so completely different unlike anything we have ever seen -
or Imagined.

And how wonderful that we can actually *create this space* and have it exist to share with friends and invite the World into our world!

Harmony in Diversity
Full Theme Title: Harmony in Diversity: Bridging Cultures with Compassion.

This theme celebrates diversity while promoting understanding, respect, and empathy among different cultures. The goal is to create a platform for artists to explore and express the beauty of cultural differences, challenge stereotypes, and inspire conversations that lead to greater unity and harmony.

Through various art forms such as visual arts, music, dance, literature, and performance, artists can convey messages highlighting the shared human experience, the richness of cultural diversity, and the importance of treating one another with kindness and respect. The theme encourages the audience to reflect on their perspectives, biases, and preconceptions, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and promoting a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Remember, the key is to create an atmosphere that encourages open dialogue, learning, and appreciation for the differences that make our world vibrant and unique.

Our Town
A twist on the play by Thornton Wilder of the same title, imagine an old town with dusty streets and each plot is a building with stories within featuring messages and creations reflecting stories of a person or people at different stages of life: Daily Life, Love & Marriage, Death and Eternity.
Glacial Beauty
Bring attention to global warming by sharing the beauty and majesty of the ice. A powerful juxtaposition on the Playa, creating images and builds of crystal palaces with the wandering wildlife so challenged today.
Down the Rabbit Hole
Things get weird. We maybe decompressing now or just decompressed and you might argue that the world is getting pretty weird as it is. But when people go down your favourite rabbit hole what do they find? The Cheshire Cat, Tweeddle Dee and Tweedle Dee, were Lewis Carol's Characters, Who do we meet in yours?
Dreamcatchers in the Snow
Native American dream catchers from the Ojibwe tribe were traditionally used as talismans. Their purpose was to protect sleepers, especially children, from bad dreams, nightmares and evil spirits. Native Americans believed that at night the air was filled with dreams, both good and bad. The theme involves bringing dreams to life. In the builds, the theme of dreams, and keeping the bad dreams away. Inspirational builds that blur the line between dreams and waking life.


Darkness into Light
Much of the world has been plunged into dark times, lets try and pull some of it into the light. When radiance shines down, what gleaming gems glimmer back?
A poetry inspired Burn.
Tales of Dark & Light
Enter the realm of our storybook that tells the tales of dark and light.

Explore the islands where each chapter is told, and the story unfolds differently depending on the path you choose.

What secrets will you uncover as you brave the dark, what hidden dangers could be hiding in the light? All is not as you think, and not all that looks bad is bad, and visa versa.

Discover how the interplay of the dark and the light balance each other and create a world more hauntingly beautiful, thrillfully terrifying, achingly surreal, and tantalizingly delicious than you ever dreamed possible!

Everyone is welcome to be part of this epic story by adding your own unique chapter.

Bridges of Understanding
Full Theme Name: Bridges of Understanding: Navigating Diversity Through Art.

This theme symbolizes building connections and fostering understanding between diverse communities through artistic expression.

The festival can feature artworks that explore the challenges and triumphs of cultural integration, challenge stereotypes, and showcase the common threads that bind humanity together. The focus is on the power of art to serve as a bridge, connecting people from different backgrounds and promoting a shared sense of humanity.

Additionally, you can organize interactive installations, workshops, or discussions that encourage festival-goers to engage with and learn from various cultures actively. This theme encourages artists to use their creativity to break down barriers, promote respect, and cultivate empathy by sharing stories and experiences that resonate with a universal human experience.

UnBurn the Amazon
The Amazon, a wonder of natural resources, medicine, wildlife, the world's largest heat sink, and more - faces continual encroachment and destruction, as well as a current long and devastating drought needs us to hold it up and celebration, showing the world the beauty and majesty of restoration and preservation.
Love and Light And Dance / Music
Sending light and love is simple, but powerful. It is the art of receiving and reciprocating all of that beautiful light within your heart center. Sharing this love reminds us that we’re all divine beings, connected through the threads of love, peace, and light where miracles and infinite possibilities can truly occur within our humanity.

It helps to stabilize shifting energies, and uplift those who are going through hard times.

Staying positive, and holding that energy of love, encouragement, compassion, and joy helps people withstand any negativity. Miracles happen all the time, and it only takes one believer of hope, love, peace, and magic to help others release the past, have faith in the future, and heal the present. Sending beams of loving, vibrant light is the most loving thing you can do for someone who needs it.

Tea Party Tumult
Continuing on from the Previous one.. You've introduced us to your flights of fantasy and the denizens of...
Now, Take this further we have a social event in the Playa of your Mind..
What is it? Who attends and what is the activity of choice.
Hope Springs Eternal
As the Winter comes to an end, Spring brings the hope of renewal and rebirth. Includes flowers blooming, and the dance of life.


Once upon a time
Where does each of our stories begin? What is real and what is fantasy? Who has a story to be told and what is it?
(wɪmzi ) also whimsey. uncountable noun. Whimsy is behavior that is unusual, playful, and unpredictable, rather than having any serious reason or purpose behind it.

Tap into the absolutely wonderful chaos that is Whimsy...

Full Theme Title: EcoHarmony: Uniting for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

This theme emphasizes the interconnectedness of humanity with nature and encourages a collective effort to foster environmental sustainability.
Artists can use various mediums to portray the beauty of nature, raise awareness about environmental issues, and inspire action toward a more sustainable future. Installations, performances, and exhibits can showcase the delicate balance between humans and the environment, conveying a message of responsibility and stewardship.
The festival could also include workshops, talks, and interactive activities that educate attendees on sustainable practices, conservation efforts, and preserving biodiversity. ""EcoHarmony"" seeks to motivate individuals to make eco-conscious choices and work together to protect and love the planet for future generations by promoting a sense of unity and shared responsibility.

Inevitable Dystopia
Full Theme Title: Inevitable Dystopia - What Will Be/What CAN Be

Political unrest, war, late stage capitalism, rampant ideology of colonization, oppression, subjugation, and extremism pave a road through a dystopian wasteland we already see the effects of. Two types of builds and exhibits are highlighted - what we are headed for and what we can make happen, the possibility.

Full Theme Title: Reverbia is an All Live and any Music Camp

Reverbia is an All Live singers and Music Camp with 4 stages, including: The Radiance Dome (interactive) The Jam and Teahouse, Embassy Shad Stage, and Reverbia Main Stage.
Reverbia also features the Art Installation of The (Interactive orchestral sound bath). Reverbia features Daily: Calm Inside (breathe, Stretch) ,Live Music Yoga in the Morning…Dance Workshops, Open Mic/ Songwriter Showcase, Concerts in the Shade, Reverbia Sunsets and Live Nights, The Reverbia movies Hour, and Late Night Radiance Dome and Jam and Teahouse. Reverbia also features Dance Performances,

Cheshire Cat Conundrum
The next Octoburn's theme is Curiouser and Curiouser..
This is your chance to build the background to the story of your next build...
Sometimes finding a camp with no background on how it came to be can be pretty weird... But then sometimes You might know of it's history and how it came to be, and knowing that just makes it that much weirder..
This is the time to have your worlds easter burn finish laying those easter-eggs.
Or you could pose the questions that your build at Octoburn might provide answers to. Of course receiving answers when you are unsure of what the questions were can be equally confusing..... 42.
Burn2 Elemental
Between the moon and the sun, the earth and the sky. Fire, water, air, and Earth. These elements have created the world we live in. Themes can include elements of nature.