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Burner's Guide to SL20B Exhibits

June 22 thru July 11

Burners are EVERYWHERE

Throughout this virtual world, even going back through the last 20 years, Burners have been on the grid.

This year, Second Life® celebrates two decades online and the SL community were invited to share in the festivities.

Below is a list of known exhibits by Burn2 community members! Be sure to stop by and explore, starting with Burn2's own corner of the Birthday regions.

NOTE: This is a work-in-progress. As we get information about more Burner exhibits at SL20B, we will add them here. Got an exhibit at SL20B? Use the form at right to have yours added to the list!

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Visit the Deep Hole

Builders: Zoren Manray and XiledSol

We again find ourselves in the high desert along Nevada State Highway 447. There seems to be a new attraction here. "Visit the Deep Hole"? How far down does it really go?


Outpost 3020

Builder: Cuga Rajal

From our Fantastic Future is Outpost 3020, a city in the sky! Look up!

To visit, ride up on the shuttle bus or use the teleporter. A shuttle bus departs ground level every 5 minutes.

Inside Outpost you will find:

  • Many art pieces curated from the edges of the galaxy.
  • Greenhouse dome with hot springs
  • Club 3020, a local watering hole for nearby space villagers
  • **** Gift Hunt ****
  • Eight different gifts are placed throughout the build. Look for gift givers. Hint: You may need to travel in time with the Time Machine to find all the gifts.


Metamorphosis, or what we did last summer

Builder: Jeff Olhoeft

It’s what Lyric, Magii and Jeff did last summer.


When We Grow Up

Builder: iSkye Silvercloud

Through the years we've seen the tools for expression evolve, and we've run with all sorts of crayons! This is a bit of a retrospective of creations I've made to celebrate SL Birthdays.


Two Birthdays in One

Builder: Huntress Catteneo

Huntress’s past build birthday years 9 and 10.

Learn about Speed-building and take part in a texture contest.