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Ready to revel? Romp? Run? Kick up your heels and shake off the middle of the BURN year?

Its been too long…and its time to come home to the playa. Get the dust in your boots one more time at BURNAL EQUINOX. The BURN2 teaser with all the bits of the BURN you love. Great entertainment at all hours of the SL day. Lectures, Porta-pottie art, Mutant Vehicle races, Lamplighter processions, a very interesting use for a trebuchet, and a big chunk o’ the playa…right in Burning Man – Deep Hole.

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We will kick this amusing amazing celebration off March 25th at 10:30 AM SLT and roll through more or less non-stop (or until the bacon runs out!) into the wee hours (10 PM SLT) of the 27th.

Click here for a complete list of events!

Come on down to:

This is one of many…Rites of Passage, following the BURNING MAN 2011 inspired theme that we find strong resonance with for BURN2. Evolved, engaged, emphatic…This is the start.

Bring yourself, your friends, your own personal right of passage…and BE HERE NOW to help us celebrate Community, Art, Fire and the Ten Principles that guide our BURNING path.


If you are new to Second Life and you want to join us at BURNAL Equinox you will need an Avatar. You can get all signed up and setup by clicking HERE. Then join us in Second Life on the Playa by clicking HERE.


Now if you are wondering about BURN2 2011…We have some big plans for you, with you, that involve YOU, and absatively need you to make the BURN happen! Come to the opening ceremony for BURNAL EQUINOX where we will reveal the date of BURN2 2011 through our magic date revealer (nope, the BURN is not in June!), and find out about the theme and goals for making BURN2 2011 a truly amazing…RITE OF PASSAGE.

See ya on the Playa!

Your BURN2 team