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Burnal Equinox 2016 Builder Guidelines

Welcome Home Burners!
Welcome to the 2016 Burnal Equinox “Picnic on The Playa”!

After all these years, the rains that sometimes hit the Playa have come to damp the dust down more often. What has long been a dry lake bed is slowly filling once again from meager trickles of water that are finally able to sustain some life.

A few plants are taking hold here and there but trees are yet to spread their canopies. In celebration of the Equinox we once more head to our Home for our first gathering of the year, a giant communal picnic. A new fresh living Home awaits, for us to start a new fresh year. ~HC

Builder Guidelines

  • All plots are First come First served.
  • All Plots Prim Limit is 150 prim
  • All Plots are Free … meaning no charge 🙂
  • Plot Choices:
    • Green framed plots height limit: 7m
      The center portion of the sim is gathering oriented: picnic, games and visitor interaction.
      All Green framed plots should reflect gathering of those coming in for the Playa Picnic. Including interaction is encouraged 😉
    • Blue framed plots height limit: 10m
      All the Outlying Blue framed plots are for your imaginative builds .. still staying with the “Picnic on The Playa” theme.
  • Due to our amazing story of how the playa got in this condition please keep in mind any trees you bring in must be POTTED not planted (NOT planted in the ground)
    we have included some full perm pots and planters for you .. contact Daark Gothly if you would like one of the potted sim trees delivered (sized) to your plot
  • Keep in mind all 10 Principles of BM and LL TOS / CS. If you have any questions about these principles or TOS rules, please ask. We keep all of these strictly enforced at all BURN2 Playa events.
READY for your plot? Go here to apply:

► Something new to add to your input for this event .. Billboard Texture Sign

There are some Billboards along the brick path … here we would like to see your SL photo of Avatars in an idea of a gathering, picnic, games, party, or anything that gives the feeling of “we’re so glad we came to this event.”

Please submit your texture in 1 to 2 ratio, meaning 1024×512 landscape in FULL PERMS, titled: Billboard Texture / (your name)

All submissions will be considered. If any changes need to be made to be accepted you will be notified.

♥ If you would like to support your Free events or to help fund your week long October Burn you will find donation kiosks scattered around the playa. Any donation is truly appreciated. ♥