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Be a Fashionista!

About The Burn2 Fashionistas

There are many fashion-related groups in SL, but only ONE that promotes the best of Burner fashion AND brings out the best in YOU! That is the Burn2 Fashionistas – the all-volunteer group that puts the FABULOUS dustiness in fashion shows on the Burn2 playa!

Never heard of them? This is a group of NON-PROFESSIONAL fashion, art and performance lovers, who enjoy strutting their stuff with like-minded fashionistas.

What do we do?

  1. Short meeting 2-3 weeks before an event opens, we discuss the basics of a fashion show – outfits, walking & posing, stage and catwalk setup.
  2. During the week or two before the event, we have 1 or 2 practices. The last practice before the event is dress rehearsal.
  3. THE SHOW. Fashionistas take the stage in their usual flamboyantly dusty style as the DJ pumps tunes. After parties ensue with great fun for all.

Who Can Join?

If you’ve got an avatar in SL and you’ve always wanted to model, here’s a chance to learn the basics in a fun and friendly environment. Meet new friends, come out to play with old friends, and have fun while you learn from seasoned pros and new users alike.

The Fashionistas are members of the Burner community. Anyone can learn, anyone can participate. Warning: Being a Burn2 Fashionista means occasionally getting goofy and silly, and it can be highly addictive!

What Will It Cost Me?

There are no fees to join or participate. You will need to have three (3) outfits to model for each show, but you do not need to spend money on poses or walks unless you really want to.

How Do I Sign Up?

Ever thought you’d like to try your hand at modeling at BURN2? Maybe you’re a clothing creator and want to gift your talents to the community? Or even build fun sets for the fashion shows? Here’s how to join the BURN2 Fashionistas! Then just come to practices and be in the shows. Those are the basics – show up and have fun!