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Wait…What’s That at the Landing Point??

Plot Sale KiosksWhat’s all that neon stuff over there to the left when I land at the playa? Looks like this …

You Guessed it! The BURN2 2018: I, Robot Plot Sale is OPEN!

The event will be held October 19-28, 2018 – mark your calendars and start making plans!

Instead of information sessions, upon purchasing your plot, you will be asked to fill out a simple form which will help us to place your camp in the best possible location on the playa. You will not be assigned your camp location or group tag until you have submitted the form – the link to that will be in the notecard included in your plot folder when you purchase your plot.

Be sure to reserve your plot today! The sims will arrive about mid-September, but plots are limited.

Plot Sizes, Prices, Prim Limits, Maximum Build Heights

  • 512 Plot L$2,800 LI = 156, max height = 16m
  • 1024 Plot L$5,600 LI = 312, max height = 20m
  • 2048 Plot L$11,200 LI = 625, max height = 24m
  • 4096 Plot L$22,400 LI = 1250, max height = 28m

Yes – we will have the “relaxed rules” sim again this year. In Alkali, max build height is 28m regardless of plot size. Details are in the info givers at the kiosks.

Here is the SLURL to the kiosks:

Any questions, view the event staff page to find the appropriate person to contact, found on the Burn2 I, Robot Event Lead Staff page.