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The next event of our virtual regional takes place in the middle of April, but we are already in the planning stages. Burnal Equinox is our traditional event that we hold midway between our annual”October “big Burn” events. This year the theme for the spring event is “Eyes to the Skies”. Creatives are invited to start thinking about tunes, writings and art to bring to the playa.

Burnal Equinox PosterWe just finished a poster contest and identified three of the most voted designs, and the top voted poster is displayed here at right.

So, what is this “Eyes to the Skies” theme about? And when is the event? Glad you asked.

The next event of Burn2, Burnal Equinox, takes place the weekend of 12th through 14th April. As it happens, the opening coincides with a worldwide celebration of the first human to enter space, called Yuri’s Night.

So, how do we celebrate space, the Great Beyond, on the dusty dry desert lake bed we call the Playa? That’s for YOU to decide! While keeping playa aesthetics always in the forefront of your mind, you can create art and music to celebrate space, human curiosity, and the explorer’s spirit that led us to fly ever further “out there”.

You are invited to come and do this with us, explore with us, create with us, dance and play and … of course, BURN!

Performer, greeter and artist signups will be opening soon. Watch this space for details. We will also be sure to communicate in inworld notices and social media. Grab your beverage of choice and get those creative juices going!