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Winter Burn 2021

With Winter Burn we welcome 2021 buoyed by a measure of hope and optimism, perhaps with a touch of caution. The Ten Principles serve as our framework for how we want to live and do things together, and so we chose a theme: Bubblegum and Duct Tape.

Staging Hosting Information

Thank you for signing up to stage host at Winter Burn 2021! There are a few things to know that will help make for smoother communication during the event. We do ask for you to have two accounts, both are free:

  1. A Gmail address is recommended for access to the online Performance Team Schedules Google Doc. They are available for free here:
  2. A Discord ID is recommended to add you to the Performance Team Discord Group - Optional, but very useful for online/offline communications within the team. Get Discord for free here:

More Details

  • A minimum two-hour slot is preferred, but just fill in whatever hours you can do.
  • You can request a specific stage in (brackets) in the slots and we will try to accommodate, but we cannot always guarantee to be able to assign you to a specific stage due to availability and performance schedules.
  • You should arrive at your assigned stage at least 30 minutes before your shift starts, to do handover and to do checks with the next DJ/Performer.
  • We will be in touch again with simple step-by-step information and one-to-one training can be provided if requested. Support and advice will also be available during the event.
  • A Master Staff Schedule will be created and you will be allocated to stages according to availability and performance schedules.
  • If we get enough Stage Hosts You may find that you are allocated to be the floating/stand-by host. You can 'float' between stages or cover breaks, emergency / sickness etc, depending on staff availability.

Any questions, contact DJ Puddles

Scheduling for Stage Hosts at Winter Burn 2021 is CLOSED.