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The Great Unknown

October 8-17, 2021

The Great Unknown

Stage Host Signup

Great, you landed on this page! You're interested in being a stage host at Burn2? Fantastic! Here's some quick good-to-know information. After you fill out this form, the stage manager(s) for the stage(s) you signed up to host will be in touch with you to set your schedule. If this is your first time hosting at Burn2, you will be trained and teamed with experienced staff. Thank you for volunteering with us!

Stage Hosts work with the Stage Manager who is responsible for the stage to which they are assigned for shifts. They are familiar with the guidelines followed by performers and assist them in preparing for their scheduled performances and announce the upcoming sets in group chats.

There are three official stages at Burn2's The Great Unknown event in October this year:
Main Stage, in Discovery, Stage Manager Nance Clowes
BOB Stage, in Borderland, Stage Manager Mocha Stone, and
Center Camp, in Deep Hole. Stage Manager Madog Garsztka

Please fill out and send the form, and the Performance Lead or a Stage Manager will be in touch with you soon. Thank you.

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