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small art


The Great Unknown

October 8-17, 2021

Artists, Apply Below


Small Art Plot Details:

  • 16m x 16m x 16m size
  • 78 LI Max
  • Theme is the 10 Principles.

Please carefully review these links:
Playa aesthetics do apply - you will be out in deep Playa!
The Ten Principles of Burning Man
Terms of Service
Community Standards
Maturity Rating "M" guidelines

Must be your original work.

It Is Said that Size Doesn't Matter...

A small piece of art can pack a lot of punch! Some of our fondest memories are small artworks we see in various places around the playa.

Help create such memorable builds that reinforce our community's values and culture! Fill the form below, do the quiz, and submit the form. We will follow up and if you are awarded a Small Art grant you will notified as soon as we receive and approve it.

You Are Welcome to Apply!