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Burn2: The Great Unknown

October 8-17, 2021

Performers! Welcome Home to Burn2's Stages!

In preparation for the events coming in October, the playa expands from Deep Hole to encompass eleven additional regions. Burn2's official stages - Center Camp, the BOB Stage and the Main Stage - are each placed on separate regions.

Each stage has a Stage Manager and/or Stage Hosts, who can assist you with your questions related to performing at your stage.

Booking forms are ready for you to reserve your slot at the stage you prefer. See the brief descriptions below about the stages and click through to the signup form for your desired stage.

IMPORTANT: You may reserve a maximum of 3 bookings over the entire event. Please space bookings at least 2 days apart. Each booking must be no more than 2 hours long. Reserve one booking at a time, of 1 or 2 hours duration. To reserve more bookings (max of 3), come back to this page after submitting.

PLEASE NOTE: In Burn2 we have a gifting economy. Tip jars, group joiners or promotional items are not permitted on stages at Burn2. This is because as volunteers we gift our time, talents and efforts to the community in celebration of being together. We share our gifts from the heart. Bring your audience to our playa, and find new fans among the Burners here! Welcome Home!

Main Stage

The Main Stage, also known as the DJ Stage, is in the Discovery region. This is the stage primarily used by DJs and live singers and performers who do not bring their own complete, pre-built stages with them. Small props are fine. There is a DJ console that can be used or removed as needed. Live singers and DJs especially like this stage setting, and there is ample room for dancing, too.


Center Camp

The Center Camp stage in Deep Hole is a relaxed, more intimate, casual place. Storytellers, balladeers, poetry readers would feel at home in this setting. Live musicians, bands and singers who like a sort of coffeehouse ambiance would enjoy this stage, and there is a dance area for audiences to use, as well as plenty of comfortable seating for listeners.


BOB Stage

BOB (Bring Own Build) Stage is an open area in the Borderland region, ideal for performers who bring their own stages or sets for their performances. Performing troupes, dance groups, live singers and DJs with their own stages will find this a great stage for their performances. When not in use, there is a removable 3D sculpture on the stage area.