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invited artist


The Great Unknown

October 8-17, 2021

Artists, Apply Below

Grant Descriptions

Installation Build Area Sizes:

Quarter region
Half region
Full region

LI Allocations:

Quarter region- 3750
Half region- 7000
Full region- 13750

On Our Journey toward October

This year we look forward to an expanded playa that will effectively be double the size of last year's. Twelve regions! With the extra space we saw an opportunity.

We will have three special regions for art grants. We want to invite artists to apply to contribute their art in this part of the playa. There will be 3 sizes of land areas, 7 in all: 4 quarter regions, 2 half regions and 1 full region. In the half region areas, there will be a 4096 square meter sound camp. In the full region there will be a pair of 4096 square meter sound camps in it. *The sound camps will already be occupied.* The quarter regions will not have sound camps on them. If you are granted the full region or one of the two half regions, you will have the option to build around, build to match or collaborate to build the stage for the group that is occupying the sound camp along with your art installation. This opens up some creative possibilities and an opportunity to put some of the Ten Principles into practice! You will be strongly encouraged, but not required, to build your installation to the event theme.

Wondering what sort of art we are looking for? Think Deep Playa: those pieces of art standing out on the playa beyond the Man. On our playa, they will be even beyond the Temple! Here are a couple of links that may get those creative juices going. Please look at these to understand what we are looking for.

Facebook Album: Andrew Wyatt Burning Man 2018
Google Search Result: Burning Man Deep Playa

Keep in mind unless you are the actual creator of the pieces that you see in our example links, you cannot reproduce them in SL. We are looking for original art from you! As you can see in the examples, we seek pieces of art scattered out on the playa, various sizes - you do NOT have to fill the area with a complete giant art installation, if you don't want to.

If you are an artist desiring to create on a piece of land that is bigger than our largest plot size, you are invited to apply! We look forward to seeing some amazing art here in the great tradition of Burning Man, out on the playa!


We are so glad you are reading these guidelines!

Your art can be in the context of this year's art theme, "The Great Unknown" - imagine what lies before us! But this is optional.

There are some rules that none of us can ignore, and are outside our control, just as BM must follow Nevada and other local authorities laws. These are the TOS (Terms of Service) for SL and Maturity Ratings, and the CS (Community Standards).

The 10 Principles guide our conduct on all regions ... PLEASE READ THEM and KNOW THEM:

If selected, you will be sent a Burn2 Access tag; remember to wear your Burn2 Access tag while building. There is a 2-minute return time for non-Access objects rezzed on the playa. Nobody likes getting their work returned when they forget to do this!

Information givers on touch are encouraged; please do not include external links except those that are strictly informational, like wiki pages and Burning Man/Burn2 pages.

We want to emulate the "deep playa" look in the invited artist regions. Examples:
Facebook Album: Andrew Wyatt Burning Man 2018
Google Search Result: Burning Man Deep Playa

It can be interactive or static.

It can be built for avatars to climb or walk on it.

It needs to be 3D, for participants to walk around or in or on it.

If there are questions about the rules and guidelines, you can find the staff list on the this page to find the Placement Lead or a member of the Invited Artist committee.

The art must be your original work.

No height limit.

Plants, Trees and growing things must be in planters or pots .. creativity using non-living items is encouraged.

Remember, the playa is a long-gone, ancient dry lake bed. No lakes, ponds or rivers exist here. Water is kept in containers and is prone to evaporation.

By default, sounds will NOT be restricted to your area; you will be in an actual environment of sharing the air, but you will still be able to ask for a stream to be set on your plot.

NO scripts or effects will be allowed to go into or cross over to the other sims.

Do not use any scripts that require interacting with the region server or external servers/databases, such as scanners, sensors and the like and keep script times to .02ms or less, if possible.

Off-playa landmarks and SLURLs break the Immediacy principle. Keep visitors immersed in the here and now, to experience magic of being fully present on the playa! We want everyone to enjoy your AMAZING ART!

BUILD-BY-DATE: 11pm Wednesday October 6th - ALL BUILDING MUST STOP BY THIS DATE. At that point we do a final check and give you a chance to sort out any problems.

At the end of the event, we practice "Leaving No Trace" and pack everything back up. This is the responsibility of the artist.

ARTists are amazing people .. be AMAZING!

You Are Welcome to Apply!

Awardees to be notified after submissions are reviewed.