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Event Lead Staff for I, Robot

So that you can contact the appropriate staff for questions related to the upcoming BURN2 event, use the information listed below.

BURN2 OctoBurn: I, Robot

Event Lead Vian Magic
Placement/Builders & Artists Liaison iSkye Silverweb
Rangers Lead Leondra Larsson
Man Build Team Marianne McCann & Pygar Bu
Temple Build Team Daark Gothly
Performance Lead LaurieC, Taj Nishi
Communications Lead iSkye Silverweb
DMV Lead Cuga Rajal
Greeters Lead Vickie Maidstone
Lamplighters Elders iSkye Silverweb, Freia Guillaume, Dream Wrexan, Apollo Manga
BURN2 Regional Contact SuperSuz

The BURN2 Planning Committee is comprised by all of the above individuals along with any interested Burners who attend the weekly planning meetings on Thursdays at 9:00pm SLT on Deep Hole, as well as those who send in notecards to iSkye Silverweb if they have suggestions, ideas or contributions to make.