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Play at Burn2's Gerlach Road House

We are now giving access for pick-up performances in Deep Hole between events to known DJs and Performers who have volunteered in the recent past and are in good standing with our guidelines of the Ten Principles of Burning Man. You would have the use of a stream in Burn2's Gerlach Road House, inside the bar or on the stage, for impromptu performances. You will be able to change the stream when wearing a special group tag. If this is something you qualify for and are interested in participating, please contact Super Suz, (Miss Suzanne Super Sweet). This means that in between events participating DJ’s/Performers use the BURN2 Gerlach Road House Scheduler to self-book the road house. You would also be able to make an announcement in Burning Man 2.0 and Access Group chats for an impromptu performance at the Road House.

Live singers, sign up for 1-hour slots; DJs can sign up for 2 1-hour slots, back to back. TIMES ARE SLT/US PACIFIC TIME.

Gerlach Road House

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