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Burn2 Conception 2019

July 19-21, 2019

Performers Invited!

Established and new, up-and-coming DJs, live singers and performing groups are enthusiastically invited to come and gift their talents on the dusty Deep Hole playa.

"There are no bystanders, we are all participants". From the moment anyone arrives on the virtual playa, they become part of the spectacle of the event!

Each performer is part of and responsible to the community and fellow participants, and each performer is very much appreciated for their freely given gift of music and talent to the community.

The Theme for Conception 2019

The annual event we call Conception is a commemmoration of our roots as a regional of Burning Man, and how this virtual community started and has continued to thrive. We like to use themes for creative direction, and this year it is: "Communal Earth." It’s a concept around the communal effort needed to remember the origin of Earth and for everyone on the planet to preserve and heal it. We remember our roots, the first stirrings of life, and how we got to here from there, and recognize the impact our existence has had on our mother Earth. There is no magic bullet, no single solution to solve all the Earth’s problems. Therefore, it is on all of us, each in our different ways that we can do, to find and apply healing. In the process, we will see that we are all in this together.

Performance Guidelines (click here to read)

In addition to the theme vision, please read and follow the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

It is a fact of life that in any big community there will be some rules to help things run as safely, smoothly, and as fairly as possible for all in the community. While all of the Ten Principles of Burning Man are very important, we ask performers to especially take on board and practice these specific principles. In doing so, you will multiply by many times the amount of enjoyment everyone can get from your time on the stage at Communal Earth.

  • Gifting. When you sign up to play at Burn2 you are gifting your talents and time to the community of Burn2 and your fans. This is something that is deeply appreciated by everyone at Burn2, and we are aware that you come to play at Burn2 by choice. THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts for choosing to support the community here.
  • Decommodification. This ties into the Gifting principle in that because you have gifted your time and talents for the event, we ask that you not put out tip jars at the stage. We also ask you to instruct your managers, agents and fans to not tell the audience to pay tips to you. Decommodification allows the community to enjoy the full value of your performance, which cannot be measured in mere lindens.
  • Immediacy. This principle seeks to help everyone in attendance to be fully in the moment, enjoying the right here, right now, together. SL is unique in that it brings together people with a very cool sense of presence. The DJ streaming from his studio in Germany feels like he is onstage playing to a group of music lovers - people sitting in front of their computers in Hawaii, France, Scotland, Australia, and many other places in the world. For this reason, we ask you to please not send out, post into local chat or announce over the stream any landmarks, SLURLs or outside links while you are performing.

    Instead, we encourage you to maximise your profile. Tell about yourself, the style of music or performance you do. In your picks, put the locations of clubs you play, your own place, links to your social media networks. Feel free to also share on your social media networks about your upcoming performance at Burn2. If you can, include a pick about playing at Communal Earth. We'll love that!

We highly recommend that your stream capacity be able to handle a minimum of 50 listeners for this event.

A final two words, because you are so appreciated here at Burn2: THANK YOU!



Use the form below to sign up for your slots. You will receive confirmation that you signed up for a slot - a member of the Burn2 staff will contact you to confirm your slot date and time, and send an invitation to the Burn2 Access group as a Burn2 Performer.


Contacts for Questions

Herbie Haven, Event Lead for Communal Earth
iSkye Silverweb, Placement, Communications Lead

Performer Signup

There are TWO stages:

  • Main Stage - for DJs, live singers, performers who don't need to rez their own stages.
  • Live Stage - for performing groups that need a larger, open area, or bring their own stages. Footprint size is 30m x 30m.

Time slots are SLT, 24-hour format (example: 09:00 = 9:00 AM, 21:00 = 9:00 PM). You MUST select the desired stage before choosing date and time slot. If a time slot is darkened, it is already taken.

Burn2 Communal Earth Performance Scheduling

July 19-21, 2019

Scheduling for this event has closed. Thanks to all performers who participated during this weekend!