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Burnal Equinox 2021

Roaring 3020s

April 9-11, 2021

Roaring 3020s

A thousand years into the future.. the space colony Earth has technology beyond our dreams, and the style of the Roaring 20s.. These are The Roaring 3020s, a mash-up of 1920's Futurism and today's vision of tomorrow. The event celebrates the diversity of the 3020 Earth colony, human and beyond. Think "Metropolis meets the Star Wars Space Bar".

About 1920s Futurism
Steampunk is a view of the future during the late Victorian era (late-1800s) which was based on steam-powered things with complex mechanical gears, and no electricity. Dieselpunk or Adampunk, styles during the 1940s and 50s, had views of the future where everything is round, small, and powered by atomic energy, such as the Jetsons.

1920s Futurism falls between these two, with electricity, large public works, and oversize, lofty ideas that were fueled by a post-war optimism of the future and naivety of real world-limitations.

A great resource for design ideas and historical background:

Event Details

The event will have all builder plots above ground at various heights. Visiting the art will involve traveling in 3 dimensions. There will be multiple ways that visitors can get to the art, stage and all around. Flying will be permitted during the event. DMV will offer space vehicles (flying) from the DMV rezzers at the event. There will also be a shuttle bus that goes to all of the art plots, entrance, and stage, in a repeating route. A Teleport Hub near the entrance gate will be available as well.

Each build plot will include an adjoining landing platform provided by infrastructure, for visitors to park their vehicles or disembark the shuttle. Plot builders can consider this the front side of their build where most visitors will first view it when entering. Visitors will be arriving at the landing pad which is the same height as the plot marker. Builders can choose to build upward or downward or anywhere between.

**Audio parceling will not be available. Do not use media prims or TVs/radios that need to be deeded.**

Plots will not include a solid floor or base, builders should plan on including that as part of their build if needed.

Building will be open for 4 weeks from March 9 - April 6. Building will close on Tuesday, the 6th of April, allowing plot checks to happen on Wednesday. Thursday, April 7th may have a fundraiser event.

This will be a night-time event, so all plots and vehicles should plan on providing some lighting for themselves. The event is a good opportunity to learn about lighting! The event will have some futuristic, space related EEP sky and windlight.

Getting Your Plot for Burnal Equinox

Plots will open for building starting 9th of March 2021. When all plots are taken, the form below will be closed. Availability is limited - sign up soon!

Please carefully review and follow these Burnal Equinox 2021 Guidelines for Artists and Builders. Then reserve your plot!

Guidelines & Information

Artists and creative builders, you are invited to participate in Burn2's Burnal Equinox event. Get a plot, then create your camp or artistic vision of the Roaring Twenties, a thousand years from now.

If you are a new artist just discovering the art of prim slinging, don't let "I don't know how to make anything" stop you from learning! We encourage participation and learning, sharing knowledge and guiding each other. Fellow creatives will be on hand to help you along and coach you. Novice builders can benefit from workshops hosted by volunteers in the spirit of the Gifting principle.

Established and new, up-and-coming artists alike are enthusiastically invited to bring their creations to the Deep Hole playa.

Each builder is part of and responsible to the community and fellow participants, to build in a manner that does not adversely affect others.

In addition to the Burnal Equinox theme, PLEASE read and strive to practice the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

As with all Burn2 events, artists must agree to follow the Decommodification Principle, as required by the Burning Man organization: No tip jars, no group joiners, no in-chat promotion spam, no club advertising. We do encourage you to enhance your SL profile and direct people there for more information about you.


In this context, when we say "artist" we are referring to both artists and camp builders.

It is a fact of life that in any big community there will be some rules to help things run as safely, smoothly, and as fairly as possible for all in the community. For that reason we ask all artists to respect the following:

  • Please keep all parts of your build inside your designated plot. Plots are square, 25m x 25m and clearly indicated with plot markers. Total height of the build cannot be more than 30m above/below the plot marker height.
  • You can visit the Burn2 playa to see the layout. Plot availability is limited because the event is on one sim. Signups are first come, first served.
  • Maximum Land Impact of your build is 250LI. Be considerate of your neighbours and the fact that we are only on one sim!
  • Because we are not using cut parcels for this event and the entire region is on the same stream, plot radios or anything setting the audio stream will not be allowed. TVs, and prim media may not be used. Media can be heard for long distances and interferes with the audio at other art plots and at the stage. Regular sounds in objects may be used, but should have their distance limited so as not to be audible in neighbouring plots. Please use the llSetSoundRadius() where applicable. For more information:
  • NO commercial or promotional items, and no landmarks or slurls to off-playa locations.
  • No items may be set for sale for greater than L$0 (zero lindens).
  • Megaprims and prims larger than your plot size are not allowed.
  • Mesh is allowed, but please use it wisely.
  • No Temp-on-Rez objects.
  • Objects that slightly overhang your plot boundary are fine, so long as the overhanging items do not prevent movement under them (make them phantom). They may not encroach on any neighbour's plot. Objects outside the plot boundaries ("MOOP", or "Matter out of Place") may be returned to you - but we will make every effort to first contact you and ask you to make adjustments if needed.
  • Please keep texture sizes as low as possible (512x512 or its equivalent) and reuse textures when possible - this makes your build rez quicker and "pop" for visitors.
  • Do not use any scripts that require interacting with the region server or external servers/databases, such as scanners, visitor logs, etc. Keep script times to .02ms or less, if possible.
  • Minimize the use of lag inducing physical objects. No physical objects in your build is preferred for this event.
  • Also to minimise lag - do not use sensors or collision scripts.
  • No continual or repeating sounds that interfere with the music at the stages.
  • Plots near the stage should plan on being sound free.
  • Make objects phantom wherever you can. One exception would be an object that is meant to be walked on.
  • Use glow sparingly. The effects of glow multiply in an area, so if few sources, strive for a maximum of 0.05, if a lot of glow sources, a total maximum of 0.02.
  • Lighting should also be kept within the boundaries of your plot wherever possible. Keep the brightness and radius so that you accomplish this. If you need assistance, ask one of the event staff to help you.
  • NO 11th HOUR BUILDING: Please understand, we are a community! Building alongside each other is a great way to get to know your fellow creatives and make friends! Build deadline is 11pm (23.00) SLT on Tuesday 6 April 2021. This gives us time to check all builds and have any needed changes or adjustments before we open on Friday the 9th of April.
  • If you do not understand any item stated above, please ask! Not sure about something you want to do on your build? ASK! We love people to be better informed and feel better about what we do and why.
  • **After the end of the event, we practice "Leave No Trace" and pack everything back up. This is the responsibility of the builder - do not leave it for us to return items. We like to ask artists to please leave builds in place through the week after the event closes, so visitors can enjoy the builds when things are quieter.
    The "Leave No Trace" deadline for Burnal Equinox is Sunday the 18th of April, no later than 11 PM (23.00) SLT.**
  • If your creative vision does not quite fit in with all that is outlined, please call on placement lead iSkye Silverweb, or the event lead (Cuga Rajal) to discuss ways that this may be achieved.

On the ground, Playa Aesthetics remain in force. All plots will be up in the sky above ground.

**There will be a Thank You Party on the same day, from noon til midnight. You will have until 11 PM SLT to clear off your build. Join us at the party!

On Playa Aesthetics

Burn2 is a virtual continuation of Burning Man, an event that happens yearly in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert on an ancient, dry lake bed. This "playa", as it is called, is ringed by distant mountains and supports little or no animal, insect, or plant life. It is very windy, very dusty, very dry, and very inhospitable. Storms can appear suddenly and out of nowhere. EVERYTHING is trucked in or brought in from hundreds--or even thousands--of miles away. And, when the event is over, EVERYTHING is picked up, and the playa is returned to its natural state as if nothing ever happened. Not a single sequin or twist tie remains.

The following section of these guidelines help to respect playa aesthetics. We do this to aid in getting into the spirit of being in a desert setting as we have described.

What is the difference between rules and guidelines? The above rules are limitations to which everyone must adhere. The guidelines given below are not rules, but if everyone follows them, then it will help with the look and feel of our event. Remember our builders challenge! We ask you to consider the following as the environment within which to exercise your creativity:

  • Not digging up the playa, creating mounds of playa, or otherwise harming it environmentally.
  • All fires are on burn stands, burn barrels, or somehow contained to not leave burn scars.
  • Builds are made of lightweight materials that can be trucked in. Sometimes, they may require many trucks and/or cargo containers, but everything is still trucked in.
  • The Black Rock Desert gets magnificent dust storms, lasting hours, or even sometimes days. Build things that won’t get caught by a windstorm and blown away. Use rebar and rope and tie things down securely.
  • Tents, shade, sail cloths, poles, scaffolding, porta potties, temp sheds, trailers, Quonset huts, geodesic domes, motorhomes, rental trucks (no logos - but you can parody the logos for humor), bikes, or other temporary structures come down quick and leave no trace.
  • The Black Rock Desert is a hostile, barren environment that won’t support grass, lawns, forests, or gardens. Instead, use fake turf and potted trees, or other items that are designed to look manufactured, rather than lifelike. Given the magical setting we have created for this event, the use of magical items and fantasy plants is encouraged.
  • If in doubt about anything, ask. Burn2 coordinators may also have textures, building ideas, and other resources available. They are here to help!
  • Please request assistance in Burn2 Access group chat if you have any questions or need further information or clarification.

AND, A LAST NOTE: These guidelines and rules may be updated at any time, so please remember to check the website often, and any notices sent out to the Burn2 Access group.

All plots are square in shape and one size for all, 25 meters x 25 meters (625sqm), maximum 250 LI, height 30m from top to bottom of build, measured from the topmost to bottom-most point of the build.

A plot marker is larger than the area of your plot; your build area is the inner space of the marker.

To Get a Plot

  • Plots are given first come first served, in the order in which submitted plot signups are received. Availability is limited, so sign up soon!
  • Starting 9th of March, you will receive a notecard confirming your signup and inviting you to your plot.
  • Next, if you are not in the Burn2 Access group, you will see an invitation to join it, which will allow you to place your build on your plot.
  • Please be considerate of neighbours. We ask that you not contain your build in a 25x25x30 box, to avoid blocking views. If your build is large or imposing, consider finding a plot near a sim edge or at the highest level in the air.


Build Deadline is 11pm (23.00) SLT on Tuesday, 6 April 2021. Plots are checked the following day and if there are any issues you will be called back to resolve them.

We ask that you leave your builds in place after the event closes, through the following week. You're encouraged to try burning your build down on Sunday the 18th of April before the Leave No Trace deadline.

Leave No Trace Deadline is Sunday, 18 April 2021, 11 PM (23.00) SLT. ALL parts of your build must be cleared from your plot area.

ALSO: Burn2 Event Leads, Rangers and designated staff reserve the right to suggest changes, remove or ask for the removal of any build, object, or scripted object that does not fit within the very liberal Ethos and Principles of Burning Man.

Placement Lead: iSkye Silverweb
Event Lead: Cuga Rajal