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BE2021 Call for Posters

Burnal Equinox 2021: Roaring 3020s

A thousand years into the future.. the space colony Earth has technology beyond our dreams, and the style of the Roaring 20s.. These are The Roaring 3020s, a mash-up of 1920's Futurism and today's vision of tomorrow. The event celebrates the diversity of the 3020 Earth colony, human and beyond. Think "Metropolis meets the Star Wars Space Bar".

1920s Futurism

Steampunk is a view of the future during the late Victorian era (late-1800s) which was based on steam-powered things with complex mechanical gears, and no electricity. Dieselpunk or Adampunk, styles during the 1940s and 50s, had views of the future where everything is round, small, and powered by atomic energy, such as the Jetsons. 1920s Futurism falls between these two, with electricity, large public works, and oversize, lofty ideas that were fueled by a post-war optimism of the future and naivety of real world-limitations.

A great resource for design ideas and historical background:

Futurism of the 1920s (The1920sChannel)

Poster Guidelines

  1. Design should be related to the theme.
  2. You can submit up to THREE (3) posters at a time, three sets total. Total max file size 8MB.
  3. Texture dimensions can be as follows:
    Horizontal (examples: 1024x512, or even 1024x256)
    Vertical (examples: 512x1024 or 256x1024)
    Square (512x512)
  4. The Burn2 logo*, event name (Burnal Equinox 2021), theme name (Roaring 3020s) and event dates (April 9-11, 2021) should be on the textures.
  5. Filename should start with “BE2021” followed by whatever you name it.
  6. Graphics must be original work, or using creative commons non-commercial, or public domain images
  7. Last Date to Submit Posters: WEDNESDAY 3RD MARCH at 8PM SLT/US Pacific Time (20:00)
  8. The Burn2 planning committee will review submitted posters for compliance with these guidelines.

By submitting, you grant us permission to use your poster graphics in world and on our website and social media networks, and we will acknowledge you as the creator of the artwork when we display it.

*You can get a copy of the Burn2 logo inside the Burn2 HQ building in Deep Hole.

Please create sets of 3 different versions of your posters, in different configurations!
Horizontal (1024x128, 1024x512, 1024x256)
Vertical (512x1024 or 256x1024)
Square (512x512)

So create SETS of your posters! Sets of three. See the example at right. This will let us use them in different ways when promoting the event. And yes, you can submit more than one set of posters.

You can submit your posters using the form at the bottom of this page (up to 3).

Questions about the poster guidelines or form? Contact iSkye Silverweb in world.

Example Set

Herbie Haven Set2 Square
Herbie Haven Set2 Landscape
Herbie Haven Set2 Vertical