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Burn2 Conception 2023

Call for Themes & Posters

Looking Toward Conception!

July 14-16, 2023

It's not too soon to start thinking about our next Burn2 Regional event! If we have our theme and poster ready earlier, it helps with the buildup toward the event - performers in creating their music, builders getting inspiration to build, infrastructure setup, etc.

We are asking for not only theme ideas, but offering an option to also submit a poster with your idea.

You can submit theme ideas that we have NOT used before - so if you liked one that was suggested but not used, you can submit it. Or you can submit a completely new, original theme idea!

Your poster design doesn't have to be perfect - just enough to catch the vision of your theme idea. If your theme is selected, we can have someone work with you to refine the graphics if your theme idea is selected.

The accepted file formats are jpg, png, psd or xcf. We like the PSD/XCF formats the best, especially if layered, with graphics parts and text on separate layers - this is so that if needed we can create poster versions to meet the graphics requirements for Burn2's social media networks. Ideally we would like either square, max 1024px x 1024px or landscape, 16:9 ratio.

If Creating a Poster:
Don't forget to include...
- The Burn2 logo on the poster
- Event name (Burn2 Conception 2023)
- Event Theme (Your Suggested Theme)
- Event Dates (July 14-16, 2023)

DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY 26th April 2023 - get your ideas in today!