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Burn2 2023 Post-Event Community Feedback

Why This Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback from those who attended this year's Octoburn event. We want to know what we did well, what we need to improve for next year.

Your responses should include the good things about the event, and where you see room for improvement. Please only speak from your own experience, and discuss only one topic per submission. You can submit more than once to give feedback about other departments or topics.

Your feedback will be reviewed by the Burn2 Leads and Regional Contacts. After review, the Burn2 Leads will share the feedback that pertains to their teams and discuss with them ways to improve for next year. You may be contacted for further information by the department leads.

This survey is for feedback on the event operations only. Do not include personnel, or personal, issues.

Once again, this form is for your feedback regading:

  • Something that worked really well and you want us to do it again next year
  • Something did not work well and you want to let us know about it
  • Is there something we don't currently do, that might improve the event for next year?
  • Did you have a noteworthy experience interacting with a Burn2 department or team?
  • Was there something about your experience that was really incredible or really difficult, and you want to talk with someone about it?

That's what this form is for - to get that information in front of the people who can do something with it.

LAST DAY TO COMPLETE THIS FORM: SATURDAY the 2nd of December 2023. PLEASE submit your feedback while you can! Early, even!

We will review each submission. Please don't assume someone else will mention some obvious thing. We would rather have lots of people say the obvious things than have no one say them. We could miss getting something that we could act on to continue or improve for next year.

If you have personal/personnel feedback or a complaint, you should use the Burn2 Incident Report Form .

These submissions are not public, but they are not anonymous. The feedback will be reviewed by the Burn2 Leads and Regional Contacts, and it may be included in a regional report that is sent to Burning Man Project. However, data sent to Burning Man Project will be aggregated and will not include personal information like your name or email address.

A heartfelt THANK YOU from the Burn2 team for your participation!