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As some of us leave the default world to go Home to Burning Man, Burners in Burn2 are getting ready for their echo of that very Thing In The Desert. It's nearly time for "Octoburn", our annual "big burn" event! This year as always we follow Burning Man's lead for the art theme, "Metamorphoses". Start thinking about your own interpretation of this theme, and how you will build around it on the playa - in prims, mesh, music.... art comes in all different forms!

Plots! Get Your Plots Here!

Soon the virtual playa will stretch across six sims - we can't help but get excited about we will do together as acommunity! Reserve your plot, start planning your builds, load up your trucks with everything you'll need while on the dusty, dry lake bed we call Deep Hole. We are expecting the additional sims to open to builders probably at the end of the first week of September.

This year we will have five sims, in addition to Deep Hole. We've also got names for the sims! You can see a layout of where we expect them to be and their names, here to the right.

We anticipate them arriving and being prepared and ready to open for builders around the end of the first week in September. While we wait, the plot sale is still open! Remind your friends, reserve your own plot if you haven't already. You can review the Metamorphoses 2019 Builder Guidelines to help you in planning your build. Here are the sizes and pricings for the plots:

  • 512 Plot
    L$2,800 LI = 156, max height = 16m, footprint 16m x 32m
  • 1024 Plot
    L$5,600 LI = 312, max height = 20m, footprint 32m x 32m
  • 2048 Plot
    L$11,200 LI = 625, max height = 24m, footprint 32m x 64m
  • 4096 Plot
    L$22,400 LI = 1250, max height = 28m, footprint 64m x 64m

And here's where to go to reserve one: Burn2 2019 Metamorphoses Plot Kiosks. Tell your friends! Burners don't leave Burners behind!

We are also forming our event teams. If you are interested in volunteering at Burn2, don't forget to fill in the volunteer application form! Join us at our weekly planning meetings on Thursday nights 9:00pm (21.00) SLT or Sunday mornings 9:00am SLT!

Soon: Juried / Nonjuried Art Grants, Small Art Plot Grants

We will have a limited number of different sizes of plots for our art grant programs at Metamorphoses. Full details along with application form will be coming out soon. If you sense a bit of change, you are right!

The application form will be available later, when we know the available plots. Watch notices and this blog for updates!

More news will be coming in the next few days!