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Breakfast on the Playa 2017 Builder Guidelines

General Builder Guidelines…

Please follow these guidelines for fun and happy building! The theme is Breakfast on the Playa – think of foods you like to eat for breakfast, how you make them, or what you do on a typical weekend morning at breakfast. And how you’d share with your fellow Burners on the Playa!

For Contributed Breakfast Table Items, Max prims/LI: 20LI.*

For Plot Builds:*

  • Please keep below the build height- 25m
  • Stay within your LI limit for your plot- 200LI
  • Please keep ALL parts of your build inside your plot, boundaries measure 15m x 15m.
  • Mesh is allowed, but please use it sparingly, and be aware that not everyone uses a viewer which enables them to see Mesh.
  • NO Temp-on-Rez objects.
  • Please keep texture size as low as possible (512×512 or its equivalent) and reuse textures when possible.
  • Do not use any scripts that require interacting with the region server or external servers/databases, such as scanners, visitor logs, etc. and keep script times to .02ms or less, if possible.
  • Minimize the use of lag inducing physical objects.
  • Make prims phantom wherever you can.
  • Use glow sparingly. The effects of glow multiply in an area, so if few sources, a maximum of 0.5, if a lot, a maximum of 0.2.

NO 11th HOUR BUILDING: Please understand you need to have your work down before an event to make sure it will not adversely effect the event. Besides, this takes away from the fun of being “on playa” with other builders!

At the end of the event, we practice “Leave No Trace” and pack everything back up.  The “Leave No Trace” deadline will be SUNDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2017, 11:00PM SLT.

If you have any questions contact Event Lead Ilianexsi Sojourner.