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Bowling for Donations @ BURN2
Saturday & Sunday, March 18-19, 2017
BURN2 in Deep Hole, Second Life

Our next fundraiser event calls to Burners from every corner of the virtual grid and the ‘net, to come and gather with the community for fun, fellowship, and fundraising through bowling.

BOWLING?? Didn’t think we could do it? Anything you can imagine, is possible. Come and see how – get your bowling shirts and shoes on, we’ll provide the alleys and bowling balls.

Why fundraising? We depend on the generous support of the community during the year, to be able to acquire additional sims for the annual “Big Burn” called Octoburn. Without your help, this would not be possible. And, as you know, the more sims we have, the better!

More Sims = Less Crowding, Less Lag, More Fun and More Space for Camps!

Music and shamrocks will fill the air, in honour of St. Patrick, the patron saint of virtual green beer everywhere. There’ll be plenty of that to go round, too!

And, as if that weren’t enough – remember Cuga’s (in)famous Thunderdome from the last Octoburn event? He will bring it back for this weekend as well.

Bring your friends and lindens, score a strike or three, play as many games as you like. Call out for players to come for tournaments! There’s never a dull moment on the playa when a few Burners get together!

On the Playa, Deep Hole sim
BURN2 in Deep Hole, Second Life


A Poster contest is coming for Burnal Equinox, read on!


Lately we’ve seen some great posters contributed for events at BURN2, and we’re continuing this tradition of Burner participation.

Get your creative juices flowing! We’ve got another event coming up April 28-30, 2017: Burnal Equiniox! The theme for this event is “Sacred and Profane” – that’s sure to get you inspired in all sorts of ways!

We gave the description out when we announced the theme. You can read it here:

And now here’s a bit of clarification with a vision for the event:

The sacred represents the interests of the group, especially unity, which is embodied in sacred group symbols, or totems. The profane, on the other hand, involved mundane individual concerns.

As you enter the playa you will see individuals here and there, alone, moving further in, pairs and couples, until finally at the far corner you reach the stage, a hive for activity and community. Paths leading in, are symbolic of heading to a sort of place/person of worship… yellow brick road. It is just an iconic path most would know and in terms of sacred, it went to the Emerald City to the home of the wizard who was like a spiritual leader, high-powered spiritual leader that was in the end, a mundane man.

Now, your artistic genius minds are no doubt brimming with ideas! Here are just a few guidelines:

What’s Required on the Poster Texture?

  1. Name of the event (Burnal Equinox)
  2. The theme (Sacred and Profane)
  3. Dates of the event (including the year!)
  4. BURN2 Logo somewhere on the poster (need one? Hit the one on the wall in HQ at Deep Hole inworld)
  5. Preferred poster resolutions are 512×512 or 1024×512 or 512×1024.

The rest is up to YOU! Submissions are open NOW through Friday, the 17th of March, closing at 11pm SLT

** Poster Submissions EXTENDED to WEDNESDAY, 22nd March, 11:00pm SLT/PDT. **

Voting will start Thursday, 23rd March through SUNDAY, 26th March, 11:00pm SLT/PDT.



It is necessary to remember that when you submit a poster, if it is selected as a winning poster, you are implying permission for BURN2 to use your poster for the purpose of promoting the event, which is Burnal Equinox with the theme “Sacred & Profane”.  If you do not want your poster used for this purpose, DO NOT SUBMIT IT TO THE CONTEST.

Additionally, we want to remind you that if you use images created by others in your artwork, make sure that the images are public domain or that you have permission from the creator of those images to use them in your own work.



Submitting your poster can be done two ways.

1. IF YOU HAVE A FLICKR ACCOUNT, upload the texture to your account, then add it to the Flickr Group Pool at this link: –  make sure that your Flickr account is set to at least “moderate” level.

2. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A FLICKR ACCOUNT you can still submit your poster! Send it any of these 3 people, they will upload it to the group pool for you:
Daark Gothly
Huntress Catteneo
iSkye Silverweb


If you are a Flickr member you should be able to view the photos – make sure that your Flickr account is set to at least “moderate” level.

If NOT a Flickr member, you may get a notification saying something about the images being a ‘moderate’ level and ask you to click to confirm you still want to see it. Then you will be able to view the posters.

Voting will take place starting Thursday, 23rd of March through 11pm SLT/PDT Sunday the 26th – there will be a voting kiosk available on site.

As always…BURN ON!