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A ten week process that started with notices calling for artists to apply for plot grants (at Burn2 for Octoburn 2019 Metamorphoses) began in late August. This effort culminated with awards and final builds. We are proud to present our artists and invite you to view their work, beginning on October 11 at 5 PM SLT @

Artists were invited to apply for juried / non-juried and small art plots. The ACC (Artists Curating Committee) of Burn2 received numerous, well-written proposals to set up displays that covered a range of plot sizes. The work was completed on October 9th and a final review was held on the 10th.

Burn2’s very own Drive-By Poet (Laura aka Aola Tyrian (Ratatosk Independent)) was on hand to view the works as they were completed and offer her unique perspective into their outstanding art. What follows is a list of our artists and an original poem as a homage to their incredible work.

In alphabetical order by artists’ legacy names, we present our artists:

Anouk Mikoyan
deyanira Yalin
Marcel Mosswood
Melodie Chanteuse (MelodieKraai)
Isadora Otcoc (Otcoc)
vroum Short

Aneli Abeyante
Barry Richez
Elle Thorkveld
Ilianexsi Sojourner
Mélodie Heart (MarieMadeleine38)
Pygar Bu
Phatty Z (Zaikameriu Ichtama)

Anibrm Jung
Caro FayRay
Eta Goldsmith (Etamae)
Kerupa Flow
Moya Patrick (Moya Janus)
serra Qendra

Below again, we present our artists and the tribute poems to their work (in parcel allocation order):

The Fairy Shrimp by Pygar Bu

When I was there, I was but ME
as alone as one can be.
I wanted to meet Faery Shrimp dearly,
but one avatar is to few, I realized clearly.

Laura, visiting October 10, 2019
BUT WILL visit again with a whole TROUPE to see the Faery Shrimp!

Moyamorphose by Moya Patrick

The temple of science is bold and fantastic,
but result of research, sometimes can be
an unexpected consequence that could be drastic,
if we should venture to turn the key….

Laura, Visiting October 10, 2019

Broken City by Ilianexsi Sojourner

The estrange of the planet is the start of the end,
Is it too late for us to amend,
the wounds we caused with our estrange?
Is it too late for a change?

Laura, Visiting October 10, 2019

Butterfly Dreams by ღ Dreams ღ (barry.richez)

A blown kiss is like a butterfly
as fragile as if it were a crystal glass,
full of elegant wine of vintage class.
NEVER let it flutter by.

Laura, visiting October 10, 2019

Expiry date: 2050: by Mélodie Heart (MarieMadeleine38)

If the Supreme Being a hen would be,
and her egg is the world on which we stay -
To how you treat it, she might not agree,
since you seem to be championing death and decay.

Laura, Visiting October 10, 2019

Art by Eta Goldsmith (Etamae) for all Burners to enjoy

There are stars of many kinds,
reflecting many different minds.
The best of minds, without a doubt,
gives me a true artistic knock-me-out.

Laura, visiting in October 10, 2019

Franz Kafke, the Metamorphose of Gregor Samsa by Anouk Mikoyan

Good old Franz, always morose!
Of glum, he always had a booster dose.
Waking up, an invertebrate -
is a typical, horrible, Kafkaian fate….

Laura, visiting in October 10, 2019

Reborn by Elle Thorkveld

The good thing with nature, depending on season,
it can regenerate, if kept within reason.
A branch, a few berries, not too much, is the norm.
Push her to hard and she will transform….

Laura, visiting in October 10, 2019

Metamorphoses of a Mermaid by Melodie Chanteuse (MelodieKraai) and Kit Idziak

True sailors knows, where mermaid goes.
Over islands and coves you can hear her song.
When the wind blows, don’t venture to close!
She is of the sea, and her powers are strong.

Laura, visiting October 9, 2019

Confluence, by Aneli Abeyante

Moving or static, labyrinthian is making sense.
And sense is close to the meaning of hope.
In fluid flows towards a confluence,
illustrated lustfully by a kaleidoscope.

Laura, visiting October 9, 2019

Metamorphoses by Kerupa Flow

How was the Playa, ages ago?
Faster, wetter, with no winds to blow.
The strike with a fin, a tumbling within,
a twirl and a dance in a time that has been.
But the traces still are aglow.

Laura, visiting October 10, 2019

Scene in my dream, by Marcel Mosswood

Can you get out to the sun again?
Escape from the darkness and the pain?
There is no definite answer to that,
but to be able to fly, you have to risk to fall flat.

Laura, Visiting October 10, 2019

Whirling dervishes by Isadora Alaya (Otcoc)

Twirling, spiraling, boiling, moving
shapes and colors, that slide and glide.
You step aside, your view improving,
and suddenly – you stand inside!

Laura, Visiting October 10, 2019

Evolve by serra Qendra

What I like the most in here,
is the bouncy jump for everyone!
And, of course, because upstairs,
it is clear that all is run by sun!

Laura, Visiting October 10, 2019

Transmogrify by Caro Fayray

If the ground is tainted, there is no place to stand.
Poison water don’t define the promised land….
Air that is unbreathable, is not what birds desire!
The need for change is obvious, and fills your heart with fire.

Laura, Visiting October 10, 2019

Art by Nature by Ani Jung (Anibrm Jung)

Flowery field between forest and water.
Messages hid on canvas unframed.
Cybele, the goddess: Magna Mater,
frolics unseen, unchained and untamed.

Laura, visiting October 9, 2019

Burning Heart by deyanira Yalin

Please let me carry, deep in my chest -
- both the laughters and the tears,
joy and despair in the heart in my breast !
Let it ride deep within me, for all of my years.

Laura, Visiting October 9, 2019

Junk Food Garden by Phatty Z (Zaikameriu Ichtama)

I leave, because I HAVE to go!
To where lovely JUNK FOOD grow!
With sprouting pizzas, lollies and fries!
Our pants we surely have to resize.

Laura, visiting in October 10, 2019

Vegetal Planet MeTaMoRPHoSiS by vroum Short

Red as the sunset, as the Sunset or as blood!
As jewelry, as rubies on gold.
Yet, organic, and surely breathing, alive!
Use the HUD and do a Vegetal Planet Nose dive!

Laura, visiting October 9, 2019

*2019* - La Planete Bleue by Eylinea Seabird (Eylinea)

Pieces of art can go fine with water
as long as it isn’t an aquarelle.
If it is, it will lead to a certain disaster
since the colors dissolve by an artesian well.

Laura, visiting October 9, 2019

Sitting down for a space to breathe by Adwehe

Sitting by a table, can be very liberating
on all, or nothing, thinking, contemplating,
It will give you room to breathe
Just sitting down is motivating,
so you don't have to grind your teeth.

Laura, visiting October 10, 2019

Congratulations Again, Artists!

From The Artists Curating Committee:
Ilyra chardin, lead
proton d-oo-b (Eifachfilm Vacirca)
freia (Freia Guillaume)
Herbie Haven
Ƒїƒї 0ђ (siouxsieincognita Resident)
Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (SuperSuz Resident)

Please note: There will be a follow on post with more poems by the Drive-By-Poet and more accolades. Please reach out to ilyra chardin with any questions.

Photo credit: Metamorphoses 2019 Preview by ilyra Chardin