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Take those things in the title of this post, add some virtual Burners and that’s a combination for a lot of fun!

We will have music and art car races through the day until 6pm SLT, followed by music and dancing into the night.

We will be washing cars! Get your car squeaky clean by our talented crew! Better yet, come join the crew!

This event is a fundraiser for the extra sims needed at Burn2’s annual Octoburn event. Our deadline to raise funds and apply for the sims is in August. Please mark your calendar and come visit our fundraiser for live music, art car races, a car wash, and fun!

If you wish to perform music at the event, your inworld contacts are Laurie Alexis (LaurieC) or Taj Nishi to schedule the music lineup. Not able to get inworld at the moment? Use this form and they will follow up with you.

For any other questions on the event please contact Cuga Rajal. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Saturday May 26, 2018 10am – midnight SLT BE THERE!