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October 6-15, 2023

Burn2 2023 ANIMALIA 512sqm Vendor
Burn2 2023 ANIMALIA 1024 Vendor
Burn2 2023 ANIMALIA 2048 Vendor
4096 size sold out

"Relaxed Rules" Region Coming Back?
YES! And it's called Pandora!

Burn2 Will Soon Echo Black Rock City

It is our tradition in Burn2 to "echo" Black Rock City every year, which includes following Burning Man's announced art theme. In "ANIMALIA" we explore and celebrate the animal world and our place in it. Animals both real and imagined, even the mythical ones that talk and act like people, shall be found among us.

Could they be gods or demons, or creatures seen and unseen? Let Burning Man's art theme inspire you to find yourself among the animals on a playa that holds more life than we may see at first glace.

More "Echo"

Black Rock City, is full of camps featuring music, storytelling, poetry reading, a rich and amazing range of artistic sharing. We continue to echo this. We're going a step further and also encouraging you to find ways to emulate the HUBS system, and encourage sound camps, art installation camps, and others to join forces at Burn2. You'll have more opportunities for collaboration and communal effort - while remaining decommodified. Consider creating "villages" or HUBS sound camps can partner up, use shared stages (and stage schedules!) in an effort to share resources. The same sound camps could invite art installation camps and feature them in the shared schedule for performances or shows. Each HUBS can manage their shared schedules with all kinds of performers on those stages or activities on an art installation. Curious about how a virtual playa can emulate the HUBS of Burning Man? Ask us!

The Burn2: ANIMALIA Plot Sale* is now open! Placements will be sent out starting in early September.

*In Burn2, we "echo" many things that are familiar to Burners who have visited Black Rock City. One thing is the ticket sale run by Burning Man, the proceeds of which go to cover the costs associated with having a giant temporary city in the desert. We in Burn2 emulate that with our plot sales, in which Burners purchase their choice of virtual land size, and receive tickets with information and instructions. The funds from the plot sale help to defray the costs of the additional virtual land and infrastructure used for our own giant temporary city in October.