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ANIMALIA Plot Lottery


512 square meters
16m x 32m
156LI max
16m height max (28m if placed in Anarchy)

You cannot have purchased a plot

The plottery plot cannot be joined to any other plot

Please carefully review these links:
Playa aesthetics do apply - you will be out on Playa!
The Ten Principles of Burning Man
Terms of Service
Community Standards
Maturity Rating "M" guidelines

Click This Box to Review Full Guidelines

In the Interest of Encouraging Participation:

During the year, Deep Hole is the place where Burn2 holds a few of its events, and we invite burners to come and set down their art, camps, brilliant creations great and small. Once a year, in October, we expand our lands to include multiple additional regions thanks in large part to generous donations from our community, and from the plot sales. This helps to cover the cost of the additional regions so that we can have more of our Burners, more creativity, more music, more...FUN!

We recognise that there are some among us, individuals and families, faced with big financial challenges in their lives that have them budgeting down to the last penny. Because of this reality, we set aside a limited number of 512 square meter plots to be distributed through a lottery. This plot size is exactly the same as the 512 square meter plots, with the same characteristics, rules and guidelines governing them:

  • Dimensions: 512 square meters, 16m x 32m, 156 max land impact, 16m max height (28m max height if placed in Anarchy)
  • Subject to the same rules and guidelines as other 512 square meter plots
  • Subject to the Terms of Service, Community Standards and Moderate Region Maturity rules.
  • Subject to Playa Aesthetics

There is one important difference: no plot given out through the plot lottery can be joined to another plot, even if it is also a plot lottery plot.

If you find yourself in a difficult circumstance but would like to have a plot on the playa, scroll on down and fill out the application. Plottery plots are subject to the same guidelines and rules as other plots on the playa.

Apply Here for Plottery