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october 6-15, 2023



HUBS and Camps Directory Entry

Seeking performers to play on your stage?
Or artists to join your art installation HUBS?
Or fans to bring their camps to your HUBS?

If you are seeking Burners to join your HUBS, they need to have purchased a plot (1024sqm or 512sqm) to be considered to add to your HUBS or camp.

On the HUBS and Camps Directory, there will be a small form in a toggle in your listing for people to fill out. You will receive the submissions from these people and YOU get to decide whether you want to include them in your HUBS or to be placed in your village. Then you inform iSkye (Octoburn Placement Lead). She will match the sales records of those people and then do her best to place them.

Simply fill out the form below and give good, clear information so that people can understand what you are looking for. If they are interested, they can select your listing and fill out the quick application.

Not sure what this does? Check out the SAMPLE directory below the form, or the actual HUBS and Camps Directory. Still have questions? Contact iSkye Silvercloud (iSkye Silverweb) inworld.

HUBS and Camps Directory Entry

SAMPLE Directory Entries

Below is JUST an example of what the connector directory will look like. All entries are FAKE here! Just examples created in hopes that it helps you understand what Burners need to see before they apply to join your HUBS or camp.


Bring your camp sized 1024sqm or smaller, and join one of these "villages" around the playa!

Idlewild 'n' Crazy Womenfolk

Contact: Jenny Twisthair
Category: HUBS - Art

Apply to This Art HUBS

This is a group of wildly artistic women who welcome like-minded women who enjoy creating silly and fun art. Think you would fit in? Sign up here!

(Quick application form here)


Contact: Sleepy Sammy
Category: HUBS - Music

Apply to This Sound Camp HUBS

Are you a fan of our performers? One of our groupies? Love hanging out with us? Bring your plot and join our HUBS - it's the equivalent of a backstage pass!

(Quick application form here)

Birbs n Beebs

Contact: Critter Mouse
Category: HUBS

Apply to Join This HUBS

Are you a playa virgin? We'll give you a great start to your experience at Octoburn! We are THE HUBS for new Burners! Apply to join us!

(Quick application form here)

Sound Camps Seeking Performers

Many sound camps have their own DJ schedules all lined up for Octoburn - but there are some who have open slots available for guest performers to use their stages.

Furballs Stage @ Bear Camp

Contact: Moose McCall
Category: Sound Camp

For Performers Seeking Sound Camps

We want to host up and coming furtastic musicians and DJs primarily playing Cajun and Bluegrass tunes wanting a place to play an hour or two on our stage.

Note: We are a furry friendly camp - but non-furries are definitely welcome too!

(Quick application form here)

Entranced at 150BPM

Contact: Dynamoo
Category: Sound Camp

For Performers Seeking Sound Camps

We like it hard, loud and heavy! Jack up our pulses! We don't mind the noise!

(Quick application form here)

Barely Tamed Art Camp

Contact: Tony the Toasted
Category: Art Activity Camp

For Performers Seeking Sound Camps

Seeking DJs for our Art Installation Parties

We've got a plot and we're planning some parties, it would liven up things if we had some DJs to play on our plots! If your music styles run eclectic - but always danceable, sign up!

(Quick application form here)