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After several years of holding Burn2 planning meetings on Thursday nights at 9:00pm SLT, we decided it’s time to expand and set up a second meeting time for Burners who can’t attend the Thursday night time.

The last few weeks we’ve been discussing the additional time for Burn2 planning meetings, in an effort to make the meetings more inclusive toward Burners in Europe and other parts of the world.

The first survey resulted in four favourites for time and day; the second survey identified the top choice which turned out to be Sundays at 9:00am SLT. We will start meeting at this time on Sunday 9th December at 9:00am SLT/PST.

The Thursday 9:00pm SLT planning meetings will continue as normal.

The Sunday morning meetings will follow the same agenda as the previous Thursday night meetings. This gives the Sunday Burners opportunity to give input, volunteer and be a part of the planning team for Burn2.

Join us!