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The Multiverse Artist Nominations

All Art, Invited & Small

Art Grant Programs in Burn2

As a community of creatives, we love to radically express ourselves in many different ways. We encourage Burners to find their own light within themselves, and to discover that same spark of artistic potential in others. Discover art! Show your own art!

This is the purpose of the invited artist and small art grants that we have available every year during the October "Big Burn" events at Burn2.

Invited Artist Grants

Burners can nominate artists they have seen and admire, and want us to invite them to feature their art on the playa this year. They may be established artists or new artists. You can even nominate yourself to be considered as an invited artist!

There is a limited number of invited artist plots available. At the moment we have these plot sizes: 1 4096sqm, 2 2048sqm, and 4 1024sqm sizes. More may become available. The LI limits will be the same as standard limits for the respective plot sizes. The maximum height for all will be 28 meters.

Small Art Plot Grants

We will have up to 20 small art plots around the playa, where we will feature 3D displays that are created within the theme of the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Each plot will be 16 meters by 16 meters in size, with max height of 16 meters, limit of 78LI. Other builder guidelines (for plots not in Anarchy) will apply and particularly the Playa Aesthetics, found at the bottom of the builder guidelines.

Interested to apply for a Small Art Plot or to nominate an Invited Artist? Use this form below! The deadline for submitting applications is 11pm SLT Thursday October 1st, with grant awards announced on Saturday October 3rd.