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The first New Moon of 2017 will be on the 27th of January, which coincides with the Chinese New Year on the 28th, bringing in the Year of the Fire Rooster. And thus we arrive at the theme for our next event at BURN2: Fire Moon!

A poster contest for the event garnered 22 entries and resulted in four winners. To the right on this page is the first place poster by Slatan Dryke.

We had a total of four winners; including one made by Huntress Catteneo in second place, then tied for third place are a second entry from Slatan Dryke and one from Yman Juran. They are below.

We encourage you to use the above poster images when sharing information about the event. If you need larger size images, contact iSkye Silverweb inworld.

The pairing of the moon on fire and the fire rooster, the new year, a new beginning…such an exciting time of year! No one shall be a mere bystander; everyone participates in some way, by exploring, driving an art car, joining the Lamplighters as they walk the playa, witnessing the burning of the Fire Rooster, grooving to the tunes emanating from the stage, marveling and experiencing the creative builds scattered throughout the playa. You become the event, with us!

Artists and builders are invited to sign up to build and create at Fire Moon. Find the Builder Application on our website at, read and sign up!

DJs, live performers and stage hosts are also invited to contact dasweetdude or SuperSuz inworld to sign up for their slots on stage. There will be one stage for the use of all event performers. Greeters are encouraged to sign up for shifts to welcome the community to the event. Bloggers and sharers of BURN2 news! Share, share, share this news as much as you can!

The event details! We can’t forget the details!

Fire Moon: JANUARY 27-29, 2017
Deep Hole in Second Life

Details on

Please note: The build period will be from the 17th of December through the 25th of January; the playa will be closed to the public during this time.

If there are any questions about the event, contact Event Lead Daark Gothly.