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This post was from 2010-03-26     Some of the links may be broken.

Listed below are links back to recent news items, blog posts, photo sets and machinima that have been posted on other sites.

Literally thousands of Burning Life images can be found on our Flickr Group. Feel free to cruise the photos, join and submit!

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BL 2010 @ SL7B

Second Life Newser – Burning Life 2010 is Coming

Sandcastle Studios – The SL7B Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss

Moonletters – Happy Birthday Second Life – SL7B – Lamplighters dance under fire breathing dragon – SL7B – Burning Life

Spring Fling News

Porta Potty Art of Burning Life (machinima)

SLN Community – Spring Fling!! – Burning Life Lamplighters at Spring Fling

Soundcloud – Healer Ladybird – Burning Life Spring Fling Event (Soundtrack)

The D’ni Voice – Weekend Events – Shinobics, Burning Life Spring Fling – Rockrose rocks the Playa

Raven Haalan: Spring Fling – Day 1

Gemma Cleanslate: Spring Fling on the Playa

LL Destination Showcase: Burning Life Spring Fling

Prim Perfect: Discard Winter at the BL Spring Fling Calling all Burners!

Daniel Voyager: Burning Life Group Holding Inworld Weekend Celebrations Spring Fling Starts Tomorrow

Miso Susanowa: Spring Fling!  (poster graphic on KoinUp)

Gemma Cleanslate: Spring Fling on the Playa

Mechanized Life: Spotlight on the Burning Life Media Center