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Welcome to 2023! We kicked off the new year with a new outlook, then lots of wintry wonder, and some pop-up moments of fun and frolic. You can see what we're planning and what we've already done, below.

Mark your calendar and join in - as an artist, a performer, or a participant - you won't be a bystander in any case!

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Burn2's exhibit at the 20th Second Life® Birthday event.
Build team: XiledSol, Zoren Manray

What's Happening

Themes for Burn2's events in 2024

Thanks to the community we have themes for all of our events next year!

  • Winter Burn (January 26-28) "Dreamcatchers in the Snow"
    Native American dream catchers from the Ojibwe tribe were traditionally used as talismans. Their purpose was to protect sleepers, especially children, from bad dreams, nightmares and evil spirits. Native Americans believed that at night the air was filled with dreams, both good and bad. The theme involves bringing dreams to life. In the builds, the theme of dreams, and keeping the bad dreams away. Inspirational builds that blur the line between dreams and waking life.
  • Burnal Equinox (March 22-24) "Hope Springs Eternal"
    As the Winter comes to an end, Spring brings the hope of renewal and rebirth. Includes flowers blooming, and the dance of life.
  • Conception (July 26-28) "Whimsy"
    (wɪmzi ) also whimsey. uncountable noun. Whimsy is behavior that is unusual, playful, and unpredictable, rather than having any serious reason or purpose behind it.
    Tap into the absolutely wonderful chaos that is Whimsy...
  • Burn2 Octoburn (October 18-27) "Curiouser & Curiouser"
    We "echo" Burning Man's TTITD every year including the theme, read about it here.

In December: Holidays on the Playa

Come down to the playa
Ride along on the train
There’s a rink! Bring your skates
or watch, it’s fun just the same.
A spot for Solstice reflection,
tunes, fireworks, dance and play
Soon farewell to the old year -
Happy Holidays to you we say!

NYE BURN: Farewell to 2023

We are going to celebrate and say bye bye to 2023, and welcome the new year! Burn times will be noon SLT and midnight SLT - but the party goes all day starting at 10am SLT!

Mark your calendars to come and join us on the 31st of December. The first burn will happen at noon SLT, then again at midnight SLT. And through the day we'll know when -and where- in the world it is 2024!

DJs and Live Performers! You can schedule a slot to play at Burn2 that day! Click below to sign up!

Brief News from Burning Man Project

The Man Burns
August 31, 2024

Art Theme: Curiouser & Curiouser

Upcoming Events

Winter Burn
Dreamcatchers in the Snow
January 26-28, 2024

Burnal Equinox
Hope Springs Eternal
March 22-24, 2024

July 26-28, 2024

Curiouser & Curiouser
October 18-27, 2024

Octoburn SKIN BURN
November 9, 2024

What We Did in 2023


Burn2 ANIMALIA Thank You Party

October 22, 2023
Poster design: HOOGiE and Moon

Burn2 ANIMALIA 2023

Poster Credit: HOOGiE and Moon

Burn2 Conception 2023

Sunday, 23 July 2023

We all made this event happen! THANK YOU!

Burn2 Conception

July 14-16, 2023 SPAAAACE! SPAAAACE!

July 14-16, 2023
Poster design: HOOGiE and Sabet Wanderer

Dance in Space w H00GiE in the Cube

Dance in Space with
H00GiE in the Cube

June 10, 2023 Time 6:00PM SLT/PDT
Poster design: HOOGiE and Sabet Wanderer

Desert Arts Preview 2023

Desert Arts Preview 2023 Livestream

June 4, 2023
Poster Design: iSkye Silvercloud

Burn2 DMV Art Car Weekend

DMV Art Car Weekend

May 13-14, 2023
Poster Design: iSkye Silvercloud

Small graphic of poster for Alchemelic's Use the Playa performance 01 April 2023

Alchemelic: Use the Playa

April 1, 2023
Poster Design: Kalyca McCallen

Burn2 Hula Hoop Workshop

Hula Hoop Workshop & Dance Party

Tuesday 28 March 2023
7:00 - 9:00 PM SLT/PDT
Poster design: MirandaNomad

Movie Night

Monday 27 March 2023
6:00 - 8:00 PM SLT/PDT
Burn2, Deep Hole
(find the green dots!)

Burnal Equinox: One World=One Burn

Burnal Equinox: One World=One Burn

March 24-26, 2023
Poster Design: iSkye Silvercloud, Lily VonSchtupp, Vesi, Zoren Manray

Workshop: Using AI to Create Textures for SL

Using AI to Create Textures for SL

February 4 & 6, 2023
Presenter: Sabet Wanderer

Burn2 Movie Night

Winter Burn Movie Night

January 31, 2023

Winter Burn Wonderland Jan 27-29 2023 Burn2 in Second Life

Winter Burn: Winterburn Wonderland

January 27-29, 2023
Poster Design: MirandaNomad

Burn2 2021: Skin Burn

Burn2 is for YOU if:
- You are interested in the Second Life 3D virtual world;
- You are looking for a very active year-round virtual Burning Man community with seasoned real-life Burners;
- You want the ability to make playa dust angels, snuggle your avatar friends, partner & group dance, ride in art cars, and interact with 3D art.

New to Burn2? Get started on this page!

News from Burn2

Winterburn Wonderland Opens for Building & Performer Signups

Winterburn Wonderland Opens for Building & Performer Signups The Burn2 Team has been working hard on creating a magical Winter Burn for you to come and play. The playa is dressed in a wintery white and there is a sense of Awe and Wonder in the air! In the true Burner...

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Burn2 NYE Burn: Bye to 2022

Burn2 NYE Burn Saturday, 31 December 2022 2:30pm - 1:30am SLT on Deep Hole Bring in the New Year in true Burner style - let's end the old year with a nice, big burn!The NYE Burn is a fun little tradition for Burners who want to celebrate virtually. The special thing...

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Burn2 2022: SKIN BURN

Burn2 SKIN BURN SATURDAY 29 October 2022 TWO Burns: NOON (12:00) SLT and 6:00pm (18:00) SLT Check-in periods: 10:00am - 11:45am SLT for the first burn 4:00pm (16:00) SLT - 5:45pm (17:45) SLT for the second burn The check-in area will be where checkers can help you...

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