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Welcome to 2023! We kicked off the new year with a new outlook, then lots of wintry wonder, and some pop-up moments of fun and frolic. You can see what we're planning and what we've already done, below.

Mark your calendar and join in - as an artist, a performer, or a participant - you won't be a bystander in any case!

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What's Happening This Weekend

Burn2 Winterburn Wonderland

January 27-29, 2023

Winter Burn Wonderland Jan 27-29 2023 Burn2 in Second Life

Opening 5:00pm SLT/PACIFIC Friday

View the event live on Mixcloud - click here

Brief News from Burning Man Project

Announced: The Temple of the Heart

Developed by lead artists Ela Madej and Reed Finlay. Learn more about the artists, the selection process and the design of this year's Temple for Black Rock City, here:

Ticket Sales for Black Rock City 2023

Get your Burner profile updated! There's a lot to know and understand before getting your tickets. Learn all about it on Burning Man's site:

If you are an active member of the Burn2 community thinking about going to Black Rock City this year, you can apply to be invited to participate in the Burning Man Stewards Sale. APPLY HERE!

Upcoming Events

Winter Burn: January 27-29, 2023

Burnal Equinox: March 24-26, 2023

What We Did in 2022

Burn2 NYE Burn 2022

NYE Burn

December 31, 2022

Winter Solstice Gathering 2022

Solstice Gathering

December 21, 2022

Burn2 SKIN BURN 2022


October 29, 2022

Misfit Halloween Spooktacular

Misfit Halloween Spooktacular at Burn2

October 28, 2022
eXpect the uneXpected!

June 24th Open Mic and Movie Night

Burn2 Art Car Race Day

October 26, 2022

June 24th Open Mic and Movie Night

Burn2 Octoburn: Waking Dreams

October 9-16, 2022

June 24th Open Mic and Movie Night

Open Mic - Movie Night

Friday 24 June 2022 :: 6-10 PM SLT
Open Mic 6-8pm
Movie 6-10pm
Feature: Sherlock Holmes in the House of Fear

Alchemelic at Black Rock Saloon - June 10th


Friday, 10 June 2022, 10-11 PM SLT: Original music by d-oo-b, particle show by Kalyca

Burnal Equinox: Time Travel Thank You Party

May 29, 2022
Thank You Volunteers!

Burnal Equinox: Time Travel

May 20-22, 2022
"I built a time machine tomorrow."

Alchemelic at the Black Rock Saloon


Sunday 15th May 2022: Original music by d-oo-b, particle show by Kalyca

Burn2 Open Mic and Movie Night

Open Mic - Movie Night

Friday 29 April 2022 :: 6-10 PM SLT
Open Mic 6-8pm
Movie 6-10pm
Feature: Teenage Thunder

Egg Burn 2022

Egg Burn

Sunday 17 April 2022 :: 3:00 PM SLT
What do people do with eggs around here?
Some boil 'em, poach 'em, fry 'em, scramble 'em, bake 'em, even hunt 'em...
But Burners? We BURN 'em!

March 25 Open Mic and Movie Night

Open Mic and Movie Night

Friday 25th March 2022: We started with open mic followed by a movie, "A Boy and His Dog."

2/22/22 Tutu Tuesday at Burn2

A one day popup event to celebrate a momentous date that fell on a Tuesday!

Winter Burn 2022 Volunteers Thank You Party

Volunteer Thank You Party

6 February, 12 Noon to 12 Midnight SLT - Burn2 Volunteers: As always, thank you for your talents, time and participation!

Winter Burn 2022

28th through 30th January 2022
Theme: Gingerbread Houses (with Jack Frost Effigy).

Burn2 2021: Skin Burn

Burn2 is for YOU if:
- You are interested in the Second Life 3D virtual world;
- You are looking for a very active year-round virtual Burning Man community with seasoned real-life Burners;
- You want the ability to make playa dust angels, snuggle your avatar friends, partner & group dance, ride in art cars, and interact with 3D art.

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News from Burn2

Winterburn Wonderland Opens for Building & Performer Signups

Winterburn Wonderland Opens for Building & Performer Signups The Burn2 Team has been working hard on creating a magical Winter Burn for you to come and play. The playa is dressed in a wintery white and there is a sense of Awe and Wonder in the air! In the true Burner...

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Burn2 NYE Burn: Bye to 2022

Burn2 NYE Burn Saturday, 31 December 2022 2:30pm - 1:30am SLT on Deep Hole Bring in the New Year in true Burner style - let's end the old year with a nice, big burn!The NYE Burn is a fun little tradition for Burners who want to celebrate virtually. The special thing...

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Burn2 2022: SKIN BURN

Burn2 SKIN BURN SATURDAY 29 October 2022 TWO Burns: NOON (12:00) SLT and 6:00pm (18:00) SLT Check-in periods: 10:00am - 11:45am SLT for the first burn 4:00pm (16:00) SLT - 5:45pm (17:45) SLT for the second burn The check-in area will be where checkers can help you...

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